Is Market Buster App a Scam?


Check out this review of Market Buster App.
Is Market Buster App software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Market Buster App and get the facts.

Currently, we are not able to deem Market Buster App as a safe Binary Robot. We highly advise you a safer method or use Market Buster App at Your Own Risk! For more security and better performance, select our highly-trusted system or browse the list of other popular systems.

What is Market Buster App?

The Market Buster App by Amanda Richards or Ethan Taylor (it seems to change) is another new auto trading robot that has entered the market promising huge profits to traders. As a trader, the common question that pops up is: Is this another scam or does it actually work? We have researched this automated trading software to learn if this app is worthy of your investment. Keep reading this review of the Market Buster App to find out if it fulfills its promises to its binary options traders.

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Is Market Buster App Scam or Real?

The Market Buster App makes trading much simpler for a trader. After reviewing the website, we did not find their website to offer apprehensive information. Despite the website, our team is unable to tell you that this software is legit or 100% safe.  Therefore, it is recommended that investors opt for a trusted and well-performing trading robot until we’re able to prove that Market Buster App is legit and scam-free.

Although this trading robot appears to be legit, it’s very new to the market. All the website content cannot be verified yet, so we advise a word of caution to investors. We were unable to find genuine Market Buster reviews showing that this trading software works. After conducting a few trial runs of the software, our team was disappointed with its trading outcomes. There are many complaints from customers on various trading forums and all over the web about its inaccuracy. There are also users saying that Market Buster is a virus. So be very careful.

Our team is not able to promise that this is a scam. We only can suggest you seek more reliable automated trading robots if you don’t want to waste your cash. You should look for a trading software that is safe and legit. Not to mention that is able to generate profits for you. 

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Market Buster App – The Cost

This trading software can be downloaded for free once you sign up. In order to access it, though, you must plug it into broker account. This requires an initial fund of $250 so you can begin using the Market Buster App to help you trade. If you do not make the initial deposit, you are unable to access this trading robot.

Does the Market Buster App Work?

The MarketBuster App, as most automated trading software, generates signals to help you make profitable binary options trades. The robot utilizes these generated signals in order to place trades for the user. How to use the Market Buster app? prior to setting this trading robot to trade automatically for you, you need to have a strategy and adjust your settings for the system to begin. The Market Buster claims that it can achieve high-profit returns and reduce your chances of losing when activated.

According to the software, the medium accuracy rate is said to be 70% to 80%. Assets that can be traded are currencies, indices, and a few commodities. The claimed winning rate is below 70% according to traders who have used this software and we can vouch for the same. It would be more precise to say that system performs 48% accurately after executing a number of trades. The software’s claim falls short of its promised performance.

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How To Access Market Buster App?

If you are still willing to test your investment with this system then you will need to complete the following steps to login to Market Buster App:

  • Step 1: Sign up for free by providing your email account and then proceed downloading the software. Then open an account with one of their recommended brokers.
  • Step 2: Begin trading as soon as you fund your broker’s account. Next, choose your strategy and adjust the robot’s parameters to trade for you.
  • Step 3: Withdraw your earnings as soon as you have achieved the required earnings in your trading account.

Market Buster App Features

Here are some of the unique features that the Market Buster App claims to offer:

  • 70% – 80% winning rate
  • Live customer chat
  • Sign up bonuses
  • Several payment methods

Although these claims would impress any new trader to download the software, there is not enough proof to support these claims. Prior to signing up, keep in mind that our team has not able to guarantee that you will profit with this software. Unfortunately, these claims have not be verified by our team. Furthermore, there is no hardcore evidence that Market Buster App has been regulated or licensed. We find this software to be very risky for your investment.

Final Overview

riskAfter a thorough examination, we have concluded that this Binary Robot may not be 100% safe and secure for interested traders.

Overall, this auto-trading system provides misrepresentation, and profits are not optimal. Until we are provided positive feedback from traders, we cannot fully confirm this software is suitable as a Binary Robot.

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  • Easy To Download
  • Min. Deposit $250
  • No Trade Performance Record
  • Low Winning Rate
  • Not Registered Nor Licensed
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