Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam?


Check out this review of Millionaire Blueprint.
Is Millionaire Blueprint software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Millionaire Blueprint and get the facts.

Every day more and more trading robots are developed to satisfy the growing number of people doing binary options trading from home. A recent addition that claims to help at-home traders earn millions at lightning speed is the Millionaire Blueprint software. Trading robots find profitable opportunities in the market by using sophisticated algorithms and then place trades automatically for you.

Although trading robots can help anyone earn a passive or even full-time income, making use of a good trading robot is the key. With so many scam binary robots being released, it can be hard to tell which one is legit and which one is a scam.

If you’re wondering about the Millionaire Blueprint – if it’s the right tool for making millions, or a fake just playing with your dreams – there are some facts you should know before risking your money.

Just to give you a short summary based on our thorough investigation, we cannot approve the Millionaire Blueprint software as a safe solution for traders. It’s encouraged you choose a better method for generating profits, or else use the Millionaire Blueprint at Your Own Risk.

What Is Millionaire Blueprint?

The population of binary options traders is growing at rapid speed since news broke out that anyone can create additional income and boost living standards without in-depth knowledge of the markets. Some traders on the search for a reliable trading bot may have stumbled upon the Millionaire Blueprint software. This claimed money-making software does look very appealing to traders in need of a trading tool, but there are a few things that left an impression on our experts during this scam review.


The Millionaire Blueprint software is an automated trading software that claims to help users earn up to 95% profits in binary options trading. With its technological advances, it also states it has the ability to help you generate millions in a very short time frame – for free. The platform runs only on auto pilot mode as it searches for signals after collecting market data. Depending on the signal, it will execute the appropriate trade automatically for you.

But is the Millionaire Blueprint’s system real? Is it the blueprint software for making millions? Read our 100% unbiased review below to find out if Blueprint Millionaire is a scam or not.

Can You Really Make Millions?

Although this system sounds very promising, it’s in your best interest not to believe the Millionaire Blueprint’s promises to millions. A completely free software that generates $1 million in just a few days after a minimum deposit of $250, is not possible.

A beginning trader with the right trading tool can make a profit $500 to $1000 in a day with a small deposit, but not millions within days. The website’s claim raises many red flags that should have you suspicious. Bear in mind that, that most reliable trading robots have a success rate of 70-85%, which is very acceptable. So if you come across a system that claims a 100% winning rate, don’t fall for the trap. Based on these facts, this software resembles those “get quick rich” schemes lurking around the web. There is a high possibility that MillionaireBluePrint is a scam.

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How Does Millionaire Blueprint Work?

The Millionaire Blueprint is an automated trading platform that runs essentially on autopilot. In order to access the free software, you must deposit the initial amount of $250 and choose from one of their brokers to open an account. After you do these steps, you will gain access to the platform. So far this process sounds legit and standard in the industry, but let’s see further on how the actual robot performs.

The trader will need to set the software’s settings in order for the robot to execute trades on his/her behalf. This trading software supposedly searches the market analyzing conditions and then generates the appropriate signals to place trades. If the bot performs the correct trade, then you win, but if a wrong trade is made, then you lose. However, with the Millionaire Blueprint software, the success rate is very low. We have found that the average success rate is about 40% – and not 95% – as the company promises. So your chances of making millions aren’t possible.

The website’s promises are very attractive and can lure any naive trader into signing up. Unfortunately, the Millionaire Blueprint fails to meet its claims, we advise you opt for a more trustworthy system to make sure you get the best returns on your investment.

The Millionaire Blueprint – a Real Scam or Legit?

There is a lot of competition in the binary options trading industry since automated trading platforms are popular and a high demand tool. This has resulted in many systems entering the market, including scams. Millionaires Blueprint has released its software two times in the market, which makes our team suspicious of its performance.

There are lingering questions like why was this software removed in the first place? Was it blacklisted? Unfortunately, there is no available information providing the real answer. There are various reviews indicating that there was some fraudulent behavior going on when traders would access the first version of the Millionaire Blueprint such as double deposit charges, bad customer support, and trade losses – but we cannot verify this is 100% true. However, since there are also the same complaints following in the current software version. Be cautious! We think it would be in your best interest to look at more legit trading robots than risk your money with the MillionaireBlueprint software.


Millionaire Blueprint Complaints

The big question: Millionaire Blueprint – is this a scam? There is much online talk about the Millionaire Blueprint kit software; some are good and some are very negative. We have uncovered a huge amount of customer complaints stating that the robot was very inaccurate and additional charges were made to credit cards.

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Previous customers stated that this system performed very poorly when they left it to trade automatically. Our test trials showed the average winning was 4 out of 10 trades, which means a 40% accuracy rate. As we have mentioned before, anything below 70% is just plain poor quality and not worth it. Unless you want to risk your money, we advise you to avoid this system.

Additionally, there have been complaints of double deposits being charged when opening an account. Users have complained that as soon as they fund their account with $250, they get charged a second and third time. These customers have stated to contact their customer support, only to be ignored. So, is Millionaires Blueprint a scam or not? Is it real? It may not be 100% a scam, but we’d encourage traders to seek better scam-free trading robots that rank highly.

 The Final Conclusion

riskTo summarize this investigation from our team of experts at Scam-Rank, we do not encourage fellow traders to sign up for the Millionaire Blueprint software. This system only has a catchy name without the real proof of creating millionaires. If you had your doubts about this software being legit, you were right. Its framework and overall structure look like other scams floating on the web targeting investors.

Unfortunately, there is no real evidence that Millionaire Blueprint will get you on the road to millions in a few days – or even any profits at all. Until there are more positive feedback and authentic reviews from traders, we cannot fully confirm this software is suitable as a Binary Options Robot.

If you are on the lookout for a trading tool to help you generate real profits then proceed safely and check out the trading robots we found that have ranked high in performance.

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  • Web-based application
  • Ave. Minimal Deposit Required
  • Poor Winning Rate
  • Unresponsive Customer Support
  • Too Many Customer Complaints
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