Is Millionaires Club a Scam?


Check out this review of Millionaires Club.
Is Millionaires Club software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Millionaires Club and get the facts.

Can the Millionaires Club make you over $1 mil in a week? Should you expect to find financial freedom as soon as begin using the Millionaires Club software? Catchy name for software. But it seems all it has going for them is the name.

A recent automated trading system has been spotted on our radar claiming it can make you millions in a week. All of us would love to be wealthy and financially free, but in a week seems a bit far-fetched. Should you believe it? If you’ve read any of our tips on how to recognize the best binary robots on the market – you’ll realize that Millionaires Club may not be you’re your best choice.

It is possible to make another paycheck via binary trading options. But, don’t believe binary systems that promise you thousands of dollars in your first-day trading. That’s totally bogus. There is much misleading information on the web, and there are plenty of scam robots running compelling campaigns to get your to deposit your money. So make sure you stay on top with the latest releases on binary options robots to ensure you don’t get tricked!

The Millionaires Club Review

The Millionaires Club is a binary options trading software developed by Richard Brown that claims to decrease the risks connected with binary options trading. Richard states that the product entails the capability to detect a lucrative circumstance for binary options trading which can create immense financial rewards and lessen your hazards of losing. The creator even asserts that no matter what your level of trading is – experienced or not – high monetary gains can be accomplished with the Millionaire’s Club system.


Since the Millionaires Club is a very new method that has just hit the market, we had to investigate it properly to find out if the Millionaire Club meets its promises. We have gathered a substantial amount of information from our findings to help frame the real picture regarding what the Millionaires Club is all about. If you were thinking about joining the Millionaires Club system, read this unbiased review and learn if you should steer clear of this system.

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Millionaire’s Club – Is it a Scam on The Loose?

Being financially free is very rewarding and is very realistic when trading binary options. Automated trading tools and systems are indeed necessary to contribute to a successful trading experience for successful outcomes. Let’s just say; Millionaires Club is not that special software that is going to help you obtain financial independence. The Millionaires Club system is still not 100% tested to work, and there is no hard-core evidence proving that it is profitable. And don’t believe the live updates…

The Millionaires Club live updates appear to be entirely fake. If you carefully watch the video and have a keen eye for mistakes, you’ll catch a few. The live update does a few suspicious things with the images and published names. It uses the same image with different names! Obviously, there is nothing live going on here, and there’s only a clever script being read. There is one particular testimonial who they refer to as Mary J, but later she’s called Wendy in the live results with the SAME photo! That’s a big slip up. Is it all just BS? Sounds like it.

The framework of the Millionaires Club software is almost identical to that of other scams on the market. Furthermore, we were unable to come across REAL traders who have made wealth using this method. More negative feedback was found than positive, which raises BIG red flags regarding the safety of the Millionaires Club system.

What does the Millionaires Club Cost?

To begin using the Millionaires Club, you’ll need to fill out the form with your personal details. Sounds simple enough. After that, you are to proceed to open a trading account and to place an initial deposit of $250. This is a minimum requirement that is a standard procedure in binary trading and to enable the binary robot.

However, there is something you should worry about regarding the deposit process in the Millionaires Club program.  After looking at their assets and options, we found that there is very limited variety for traders. Having limited asset choices means having a small pool of profit potential. This is not optimal if you plan on increasing your income potential, which is the goal of investing.

We have further detected that the brokers associated with this auto trading system are not ranked highly in the trading community after doing some research. It is important that a system’s recommended brokers are trustworthy and hold good reputation, or else your wealth could be in dangerous hands. We recommend you do some extra research about the binary options brokers that are partnered with a specific software before opening an account; make sure they are 100% legitimate and respected.

Does The Millionaires Club Generate Millions or is it Fake?

On the website, the introduction video describes the system, but there is one big problem if you pay attention. The video rambles on and on about the benefits YET never talks about how the Millionaires Club system works or if it entails any unique features. Is there a risk management setting? How customizable are the parameters? There is nothing of the sort mentioned. We were curious to see the Millionaires Club platform just to verify that it does not have these special features. What did we discover? There are no benefits or settings to help you optimize your strategy.

So how does the Millionaires Club work? Supposedly it’s a “secret,” but why to invest your money somewhere you know nothing about. The software does not do a very good job trying to earn a trader’s trust. Furthermore, there is a lack of evidence that the Millionaires Club has even generated a few hundred dollars for anyone, so keep your guard.

Secret Millionaires Club 2016

A Word of Caution, avoid opening an account with a system that does not describe how it works and does not enclose any information about its algorithms. It shouldn’t be a secret, as in the Millionaire Club.

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Should You Join the Millionaires Club Program?

After reading all the facts that show you may not even make $1, and you still are interested in joining – we can’t say we didn’t’ warn you. Our reviews are to remain objective, but we honestly despise fraudulent systems that try to take advantage and steal people’s money. The Millionaires Clubs seems like no exception! We do not suggest anyone sign up with the secret Millionaire’s Club software.

The fact that the developers behind the software are keeping it a “secret” about how the Millionaire Club works is a clear sign of trouble. They are telling you to trust them. But who are Richard Brown and his team? According to social media and online sources – he’s nobody. For all we know, Richard Brown is a paid actor that is just pitching a story given to him by the paid scammers promoting the Millionaires Club.

Does The Millionaires Club System Work?

Unfortunately, the success rates of trading using the Millionaires Club software appear to hold no truth. The claimed 90% accuracy rate is almost impossible if non-existent on the market. So don’t believe any scam system that tries to sell you that it is 100% correct. The trading tools that DO work don’t pitch you unrealistic results. We know a few high ranking trading robots that have earned great reviews from many customers, and their ITM rate is between 85 -88%.

Also, don’t get your hopes up thinking that the Millionaires Club app includes any special features to help your trading strategy. NOPE, NADA, NOTHING. We triple checked the settings and did not find any additional features that will assist you in your trading experience. It’s very questionable what the Millionaires Club is promoting to investors since there are no unique features and no details about how it operates.

Sounds like a scam? Seems like one although we won’t flat out say it because we keep our reviews unbiased. Just take the warning signs and make a mental note to not sign up with Millionaires Club program unless you like losing money.

If you are serious about jumpstarting your trading experience, go for an already approved trading software that is a profit-making solution.

The Final Verdict

Unfortunately, there is no real evidence that Millionaires Club will get you on the road to millions in a few days – or even any profits at all. There are red flags with the Millionaires Club software making it look like another online scam. However, we cannot point the finger and conclude it as a 100% scam. Many online reviews are blacklisting the Millionaires Club system and customers aren’t paying any compliments to it either. So, there is obviously signs of trouble in the software.

The Millionaires Club has too many secrets and a questionable CEO that s like a cheap actor paid to read a script. Unless more positive feedback and official reviews come about from real traders, we cannot recommend the Millionaires Club as a safe binary options robot for fellow traders.

If you are on the lookout for a trading tool to help you generate real profits then proceed safely and check out these profit-amplifying trading solutions are capable of generating a few hundred dollars a day. If you know a thing or two about binary options trading, you know these amounts are realistic (not thousands of dollars).

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  • No Company Legitimacy
  • No Winning Evidence
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  • Poor Broker Reputation
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