Is Millionaire’s Code a Scam?


Check out this review of Millionaires Code and get the facts before investing.
Is Millionaires Code software a scam? Find the definitive answer to that question here.

The overwhelming increase in the spring up of scam software has brought about difficulties in finding the right and legitimate product. Here comes an alleged binary options software that incredibly seems right, but apparently a scam based on our in-depth investigations. Millionaire’s Code Software is said to be owned by Matt Daniel, a former attorney. It has some features that make this application software seem real, and the video presentation is a typical replica of a newcomer application software, but after critical observations and findings we were able to deduce the mendacity of this software application. If you are serious about improving your trading performance, then robots are definitely the right way to go, but we at Scam-Rank suggest you stick with trusted bots that have a proven and established trackrecord.

The Ugly Truth Behind The Glamour!

The Millionaire’s Code CEO, Marr Daniel made false promises just to lure people into investing a lot, in anticipation of reaping millions within 12 months. Many enthusiastic individuals with high hopes of making money and a lack of financial intelligence have fallen victim to Millionaire’s Code software.

Everything about this application software stinks of a scam; the sales pitch page is ridiculous, and the unrealistic promises are an obvious exaggeration.

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What exactly is Millionaire’s Code Software?

Incisive findings about Millionaire’s code software reveals that it is a so-called automated trading binary options algorithm that is characterized by a friendly web-based interface! However, a lot other important information about this trading software was not disclosed by the spokesperson. We have no clue of the methodology adopted that enables the boasted high performance of this software. Mr. Daniel, ex-attorney persuasively explained in few words about the flawless service of this software application. He made some profit estimations which are clearly impossible and absolutely false. He claimed the accuracy of the functionality of this software is 87%, this means that out of 50 trades, you stand a great chance to win 43 trades. He then further explained, that peradventure an investment of $10 was made on the 43 trades, there will be a realization of $3440 each with a summed up profit of $80. All these calculations are just sugar coated promises to lure traders.

This analysis is wrong and you can ascertain by the calculation made that it is impossible to make a profit of $80 from an investment of $10. The best profit made from this is $7-$9. However, a couple of individuals would have fallen for these lies. We were abruptly perplexed by the weird and ridiculous profit margin analysis Millionaire’s code software claims. That was what geared us up in carrying out a constructive investigation of Matt Daniel, who claims to be a real trader and attorney. After reaching a deductive conclusion from our investigations, we could boldly expose Matt Daniel as a fraudster and paid actor.

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It is of no doubt to many disappointed investors that Millionaires Code software is a scam. What can we possibly think of those who gave false testimonials about this software? They are obviously paid actors as well. It is our utmost priority to protect you from being scammed by desperate fraudulent companies just like Millionaires Code Software. A legitimate binary option is extremely transparent and would only use true and sincere testimonials.

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Despite all these exposed facts about Millionaire’s Code Software being a scam, the fraudsters who wrote awesome testimonials about this software came out openly to defend their claims. Just as they thought of covering up their lies, the creator’s claim of Millionaire’s Code software being functional for the past three years was debunked by new evidence. The fraudulent culprits couldn’t help themselves this time around when the domain page was found to be registered on 17.04.2016.


Online trading is clearly targeted by fraudsters and legitimate individuals. To be sure of adopting the right robot and also to protect your investment and not fall victim to scams, we implore you to meticulously investigate different trading services before making your choice. We are always on the lookout to protect your interests and ensure a secured and reliable binary options opportunity.

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  • No deposit required on first page
  • Inaccurate or  dishonest software release date
  • No business license or registered company
  • Fake CEO
  • Fake testimonials
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