Is Modern Profit Professor a Scam?


Is MMP just another scam?
The Scam-Rank team has carefully evaluated the Modern Profit Professor Program and concluded that there is no substantial evidence to indicate that it actually exists.

MMP went under the Scam-Rank microscope and the truth was revealed. Professional scams are getting better at hiding, but The Modern Profit Professor Program was less than challenging. We strongly suggest you select one of the trusted Brokers that passed our rigorous investigation and offers a real and proven service that is specifically designed for making real money online.
Scam-Rank does not recommend MPP as an effective Trading System. We highly advise you a safer method or use the Green Wood Formula at Your Own Risk!
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The MPP Review

The Modern Profit Professor Program is a trading system for binary options that has been making a serious presence online promising huge profits. A guy by the name of Marco Adessi presents this system and claims that the MPP way truly works for everyone, and you too can make thousands of dollars in a short period of time.

Scam-Rank’s long experience has shown that most of these quick-fix claims are far from effective, and at times completely dishonest. Such products often target the new and naive traders who lack the expertise and knowledge to recognize a scam when they see it. Scam-Rank did due diligence dug deep into MPP’s claims. Here’s what we found.

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Is Modern Profit Professor a Scam?

MPP is new to the binary options market debuting on YouTube in July of 2016. Any company making claims of proven success that has barely a few years in operation is immediately suspicious. The “presenter”, Marco Adessi promises profits of about $800 per day. He doesn’t say for whom, but since Marco’s Facebook account (shown on the home page) is completely fake, and Mr. Keith White (testimonials) seems to be a female model, we assume, the profits are not going to be yours. The striking telltales that parallel every scam site are just too many to ignore, and it’s difficult to imagine how a legit company could make such errors. We advise you not to overlook these startling red flags and stay with one of the many fully investigate and proven brokers.

What is Modern Profit Professor?

MPP claims to be an Algo-Trading system that has only lost once in the last four years. This is highly unlikely since it’s been around for less than two years. The entire MMP site makes no explanation of how the software works, who developed it, or how to use it. So what is it…fishy!

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The MPP Software

We at Scam-Rank looked all over the WWW for anything that can indicate how the software looks or works. Even after entering out details and being redirected to a Broker that most definitely does not belong on our Trusted Broker List we still couldn’t find any details about the system that claims to make a daily average of $800 per days which (according to them) equals a very bizarrely calculated $18,000 per week???

Final Overview

This is possibly one of the easiest reviews we’ve ever had to do. Do we recommend Modern Profit Professor? Are you kidding? No! We DO NOT recommend MMP and suggest you don’t waste any time investigating this further. Trading from home is a legitimate opportunity to supplement your income and for the brave who can ride the financial downs as well as the ups, it can be an excellent main source of income. To maximize your success we strongly recommend you stick to brokers with proven track records.

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  • No immediate deposit required
  • Questionable identities of presenter, written and video testimonials
  • No software specifications
  • Started 1 year ago but has 4 years of trading statistics
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