MP Professor Software: Is Modern Profit Professor a Scam?


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Is MP Professor software a scam?
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The MP Professor Software also called the Modern Profit Professor recently released in August 2016 by Marco Adessi. He attests it’s the best new unlimited profits binary trading software BUT, how can such a new software guarantee you profit?

Is the MPP software a bullet-proof system for binary trading? 100% accurate – Should you believe this claim? You’ve come to right place for an honest review.

Well, it’s no doubt people worldwide are treating themselves to another paycheck trading binary options. While some people enjoy reading financial data, following market trends, and placing trades manually, other people use automated trading systems to make life easier. Trading robots save a lot of time and execute trades on the user’s behalf. Wait, though, before opting for the first trading robot you come across; your money is at RISK if you pick the wrong software.

It’s very alarming to see how many scam trading robots are coming out nowadays. Even experienced traders sometimes can’t distinguish between a legit and a fraudulent software. We’ve stumbled upon some pretty clever systems. However, some have been exploited. But that hasn’t stopped from others popping up on the scene and attracting traders.


Modern Profit Professor (MPP) Review

Just in August 2016, the Modern Profit Professor or MP Professor software was developed by Marco Adessi. According to the founder, the MPP is a binary options trading software that is fail-proof. He claims it has never lost one single trade since it has been released and offers an accuracy rate of 98%. Even the most reliable trading software that has the latest technology cannot guarantee it’s completely precise for 10 out of 10 trades. However, a good trading robot can ensure a success rate of 83 – 85%, which is very exceptional and realistic. This is what you should be looking for and believe; not 100% bogus claims.

The trading software further insists that it can generate no less than $15,000 per month and even $18,000 in one week. The software claims to apply real-time trading signals of profitable asset trading outcomes which result in huge earnings for its users. The Modern Profit Professor states to use patented algorithms, which are accurately formulated to follow the price movements in the market.

So is everything the Modern Profit Professor claiming legit – or fake promises? Some of you might be shocked, while others might already know the answer. All the details are in this honest scam review of the MP Professor Software system. Always be careful not to be tricked or fall for false promises!

What Is The Modern Profit Professor by Marco Adessi & Harrison Glass

Since the information and presentation on the official MPP website sound unrealistic, our team of experts embarked on determining whether the software lives up to its promises. According to the display video, Mr. Marco Adessi explains his story that he arrived in the U.S. 40 years ago and worked as a telemarketer for some years before he developed the MP Professor Software system. Mr. Adessi has no previous background in business, finance or trading, yet a Wall Street trader named Mr. Harrison Glass recruited him as an apprentice.

The founder claims that Mr. Glass took him under his wing and taught him all the concepts and strategies involved in the financial market. Mr. Adessi states that after his mentor passed away 4 years ago that he put forward the decision to create the MP Professor software that he is marketing today. For some of you, this may sound convincing while for others a bit far-fetched. It’s understandable that some traders may be able to relate to the founder’s story, but scammers are known to be clever and use such things to trick you.

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How does the MP Professor Work (Or Does It)?

There are many questions about how the MP Professor software works. According to the video presentation, the software claims to take the guesswork out of trading making it bullet-proof method. Due to the nature of binary options and the market itself, it’s almost impossible for a trading software to be 100% fail-proof.

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The MPP system appears to be no different than any other regular trading robot on the market since it has the basic feature of automating trades – nothing more. Our team tested the trading software to see the performance. Our results showed the success rate not to be 98% – or even close. If the MP Professor software where to promise 45%, this would be more realistic. There seems to be a false representation of the guaranteed winning outcomes which makes the system appear deceiving. Although we cannot say it’s a complete fraud due to its lack of real customer reviews and low winning rate, we feel that the MPP is not a reliable tool for the successful trading.

There MPP trading signals do alert the user. However, they appear to generate at random in comparison to market trends. We are unsure what algorithms are being used to retrieve the information, and this could be the reason for its inaccuracy. We investigated to find out more information about the MPP framework and how it works. However, there is no information available to explain its calculations further. Why the secret? Our team of experts has its suspicions, but nonetheless, we cannot confirm that MPP is a complete scam just yet since it’s very new. However, user reviews are claiming that more losses occurred, making users feel as if they have been tricked.

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MP Professor Software – Is It a Scam or Not?

It’s possible to establish that MPP software could be a scam based on the tell-signs we uncovered. First off, Marco Adessi explains that the program is a combination of binary options algorithms and a moving average strategy.  However, the founder doesn’t seem to care to provide a valid explanation of what this means or how it works. The only detail he gives it that the program uses supercomputers and applies some infrastructure to place trades for binary options. Does this just sound like a gimmick to make you believe it’s a super-fast automated trading system? What supercomputers are being used to open and close trades? There is no description which raises huge question marks. Even well-seasoned traders who have experience in the industry will tell you that this claim is unclear.

Something that appears even more deceiving is about the official company, MP Professor Ltd. The founder mentions that MP Professor Ltd has been around since 2011 and is behind the development of the software. He claims that the company tested the software for 1,478 trading days and during this period only lost 1 trade. The company claims to have 170 employees working for them and have a net revenue of over $600 million. Shouldn’t this BIG company have a physical address? It’s an ideal taxman’s target for such high claimed revenues. Here’s the shocking news: the company details provided do not appear legit and no such company is found. Furthermore, the MP Professor Ltd is unheard of, which is probably why Mr. Adessi didn’t provide the physical address of the company.

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Is MP Professor Really Helping People Make Money?

Overall, the website’s testimonials and reviews do not appear real after a thorough investigation. The videos, social media comments, and voice recordings seem to be fake as the Modern Profit Professor software has only been available since August. It also claims to give a limited amount of licenses to beta-testers according to the countdown on the website. After taking a closer look at the counter, the counter moves fast and then slows down as it counts down to 1. After refreshing the site, the counter begins counting down from the beginning again! So is it true that there are only a limited amount of spots or is the Modern Profit Professor trying to steal more people’s money? We cannot say it’s a 100% scam since it’s only has been released for a short time, many signs are pointing to a scam.

Additionally, the MPP system claims to guarantee that users can make $15,000 in profit every month due to its 98% success rate. You’d think scams would realize that binary options traders nowadays that use trading tools would recognize that 98% is not achievable by even the best trading robot in the world. However, perhaps Modern Profit Professor is targeting more naïve traders since they may not be informed that a realistic success rate can reach a maximum of 85%. We’ve reviewed hundreds of trading robots in our time, and only a handful of trading tools have fallen in the 83% – 85% winning rate.

For new investors that have just begun trading binary options, you should know that many scam artists hire actors from these days to try to gain a trader’s trust and to look legit. It seems as though the MP Professor Software may have taken this road to try to gain credibility – but it’s not genuine. Even more so, scam binary systems plug in countdown timers into the website to make you feel rushed into signing up. A reliable trading software does pressure people to sign up nor does it try to convince you with hundreds of testimonials. Based on our review experience, we find that the more trusted trading systems have an educational approach and don’t pressure traders to register or download software.

The Final Verdict

riskAfter our detailed investigation, we cannot recommend the MP Professor software is a safe trading robot to help traders succeed. The MP Professor developer, Marco Adessi, appears to be using strong marketing tactics to try to make his product sound and seem real to victims. In fact, many clever scammers attempt to tell a convincing story, make strong claims, enormous profit promises, and provide false information to attract investors to trust their software. The Modern Profit Professor system appears to be using these similar tactics to appeal to the public only to leave users with a disappointing experience.

When seeking a trading robot to enhance your trading strategy, you need to understand that no software is 100% successful. Also, before you can generate $15,000 a week, it takes some time and education to better your strategy. If you come across an automated trading system that promises anything of the opposite that we just mentioned, it’s probably a scam, and it’s to be avoided, just like you should avoid the MP Professor binary options trader.

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