Is Multiplexer System a Scam?


Check out this review of The Multiplexer System.
Is The Multiplexer System software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The Multiplexer System and get the facts.

The Multiplexer System Software – A new binary trading software released late 2016 is causing a major scam uproar on the market, and it’s hitting everyone’s the radar.

Can you honestly earn $20K ‘today’ with the Multiplexer System Software? Should you trust the Multiplexer System auto trader? If the claims sound too good to be true, then you already should know the answer to these questions.

So, what makes winning trades in binary options? You might think it’s the speed of execution that’s the most important, but there is something more necessary. It’s actually the quality of signals that makes winning trades. No matter how fast a binary options automated software executes a trade, if you don’t have quality signals, the stakes are high that you are most likely to lose most of your trades.

A reliable automated system that provides quality binary signals will also execute trades in your favor. It won’t just be whatever data it comes across in the financial markets because it’s running at some crazy high speed.

SCAM RESULTS: The Multiplexer System Software makes wild claims of a no-fail system and profits that are over the top. We were unable to find proof of earnings or real users using the Multiplexer System for binary trading. There is also suspicious evidence about Mr. Ewing not being who he says he is, based on another scam we uncovered. Considering the Multiplexer System Review, we cannot recommend the Multiplexer Software as a safe trading robot for reaching the promised outcomes or any money at all.

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Multiplexer System Review

The Multiplexer System App is on the 2016 watch-list of scam robots. It launched just recently by a gentleman named Richard Ewing. You are told that it uses a complex system of multiplexer technology to access market data faster than Wall Street. The founder points out that users will be making $850 per hour once they access the trading app. Mr. Ewing even guarantees users that they’ll earn $20,000 in their first-day trading. It’s understandable why many have this system on their radar – the extreme earnings and scam “symptoms” are all enough to shake anyone up.

Multiplexer System Software Review Scam

So how does the Multiplexer System software work? Is it really a revolutionary trading app or another re-branded scam out to steal your money? In our Multiplexer System App review, we will exploit all the evidence and findings to solve any curiosities traders may have about this method. Resist the urge to download Multiplexer System, until you’ve read this review.

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Facts About The Multiplexer System App

The first thing you should know is that the Multiplexer trading app is very new. What raised our eyebrows is the fact the website claims that the number of satisfied customers making tons of cash has reached the 32,000 mark. This proposes that the trading robot has been out for a while (if you are to believe these stats). We are also told that everyone using the Multiplexer system signals will be provided a professional adviser who will help set up their accounts to reap profits. According to the website video, the number stands at 1,500 users. However, according to the customers that have signed up and downloaded Multiplexer trading app, say the advisers were only helpful in ripping users off.  So the stats of ‘satisfied customers’ may just be a count of scammed customers.

Something which struck us as odd is the claim that the software has over 900 years of experience in the industry (WHAT?!?). Seriously, no one can exist that long. Why is it that a company that has existed for centuries cannot be found registered anywhere?

So if the company does not exist, it can be assumed whatever they are telling us about the Multiplexer Company is fake.

There is nothing better that a trading robot that is 100% accurate all the time and can make you $850 guaranteed per hour. Coming down to planet Earth, no system on the market can generate such vast amounts – especially for free. There is no free lunch, as the saying goes. So don’t fall for systems promising free software that make ridiculous profit promises like the Multiplexer System Software.

 Multiplexer System – Binary Options Scam?

What we want to bring to your attention first and foremost, is the fact $850 an hour is nearly impossible. Not to mention, $20,000 is a long shot in 24 hours, if not a false claim altogether – especially with a trading robot that appears to not have any proof. Binary options traders SHOULD expect to make a few hundred dollars a day as they keep improving their strategy and of course, with the help of a real auto-trader.

Next up, who is Richard Ewing? Apparently, he is the CEO of the Multiplexer Company – or is he? He also claims to have worked for the CNN team and then gave it up to proceed developing his software. However, we were unable to find confirmation of his employment at CNN. You would think he would have a profile on social media being such a public figure. But, our research results show nothing of the sort.

We had recently reviewed the Profits Infinity Scam not that long ago, and he’s also the founder there too. But in the Profits Infinity system, he’s known as Mark Bromovich. So, is Richard Ewing just an actor? Does he have multiple names? The truth remains a mystery, but this should cause you some worry. We wouldn’t advise fellow traders to use a trading robot that has an unknown CEO or was a former founder of another scam.

Something that most traders are aware of is the fact that a bullet-proof system does NOT exist. What we mean is that no automated trading software is 100% accurate, and the Multiplexer Trading software is no exception. Even the most prestigious financial institutions do not have access to a fail-proof software – it just doesn’t exist. Realistically speaking, you should opt for binary trading software that provides up to an 88% accuracy if you want to grow your investment.

Will The Multiplexer System Software Make You Money?

Well, it all revolves around the concern if the Multiplexer Trading app works – which we fail to believe. The supposed user report of earnings in the video doesn’t prove anything, as this could have been put together in minutes.

Image result for multiplexer system review

After looking at the demo of the software, a few red flags were raised.  In the video screenshot, the founder claims that within 47 seconds, the automated trade gained him $398.73 in net profit. However, if you look carefully, there is NO CLOCK on the Multiplexer System demo to validate that period had passed. There a few more discrepancies we noticed. As the asset time changes from screen shot to screen shot, the percentages on the list of assets and executions are the same. Also looking at the Winners List, the names and profits change but, the time is identical. They also seemed to have forgotten to add a name at the end of the second screen shot (oops?). They obviously missed out on some details. It seems hard to believe that all 55 trades are winning – seems fake if you ask any expert (not just us).

Also, something worth noting is the video that pops up after you sign up. You are told you will make $150,000 if you trade 7 days a week. Wait, though! Any trader should know the market isn’t open 7 days a week – only 5. The markets are closed over the weekend. Thus, it appears the Multiplexer Trading video may be selling you nonsense.

It seems as the Multiplexer System software won’t make you any money since even the demo has missing holes to question its credibility. Whether the Multiplexer System is a scam or not, it doesn’t appear to be worth your while. The only thing that may happen is that you lose your investment regardless of the founder’s guarantee.

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Is the Multiplexer Trading App a Legit Software?

An important factor that caught our attention is the fact that there are not details referencing where the Multiplexer System is based. It may not strike you as that important but, in this instance, it shows that the company is unregulated. This means that if your investment disappears and you go to file a complaint, you have nowhere to turn. The landing page may reference a 24-hour telephone number and web support, but we found that no one responds. We tested to see the response time of their customer support team, and we never got an answer. Honestly, this is a horrible way to conduct business but many scams use this as a practice to make them appear legit.

How can investors trust a binary trading software that has an unresponsive customer support team? Who will address any complications or problems? Our ranking qualifications entail trading systems that have an excellent customer support team, therefore we cannot recommend the Multiplexer System for safe trading.

The Final Verdict

riskRegardless is the Multiplexer System trading app guarantees you $20,000 a day, it appears impossible. Honestly, any system that is willing to go off the edge to guarantee you profits is being dishonest with you. The only thing a credible auto-trading system can do is provide you legitimate data that their signals are as accurate as they say – not 100% accurate, fail-proof or anything stating zero-loss. We’d like to believe that one day an entirely precise trading software will be developed, but you probably won’t find it in the Multiplexer System software. Not only is it because it’s brand new, but all the claims are not painting the best picture.

The profit amounts are way over realistic expectations, and founder is questionable. He has been seen on other so-called scam trading robots (Profits Infinity App) which knock out his credibility. Even the software demo raised many questions with its missing information causing many discrepancies in the Multiplexer Systems legitimacy. If you ask us, we wouldn’t advise anyone to sign up and download the Multiplexer System App. It appears too risky.

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  • Completely Automated
  • Simple Design
  • Fabricated Trading Results
  • Affiliates With Untrustworthy Brokers
  • Limited Free Accessibility
  • No Proof From Real Users
  • CEO Appears On Another Scam
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