Is Nesdek App a Scam?


Check out this review of Nesdek App.
Is Nesdek App software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Nesdek App and get the facts.

Currently, we cannot recommend Nesdek INC as a safe Binary Robot.

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Nesdek App Review

There many hoax systems amongst online traders that salute themselves as having the most accurate binary options trading bot. We’ve found a system that is developed by a former Wall Street trader named Mike McDonald. He is the founder of the Nesdek Corp App, an automated trading system that claims to generate thousands of dollars for its clients in the simplest way possible.

The creator, Mike, is a supposedly a pro binary options trader that decided to create a system that is upfront and easy to use based on algorithms. The jargon that he uses in his intro video gives us the hint that this system is not for new traders as the language is a bit advanced. What we found out about the developer will leave you shocked as you keep reading.

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As always, our team dug deep to find the truth behind the Nesdek INC App method. We have completed our investigation and we are ready to share the truth behind Nesdek Corp System. Please read this carefully before making a decision to sign up.

Nesdek Trading App Scam Review

Nesdek INC Really a Scam?

Well although we don’t want to condemn Nesdek INC App as a 100% scam, we have some evidence that they are a bit sly. First of all, the testimonial reviews on their website are mostly false, as we could not trace evidence back to the actual customers. We were able to discover that some of these reviews are just paid actors that were bought to claim they made mass earnings with the Nesdek INC App system. Next up we have the reviews we have found regarding the profitability associated with this system. We found positive reviews that highly qualified this system, but you have to remember that some reviews aren’t written for objective purposes.

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Many online reviews are written to persuade you to sign up with a system that could scam you because the site gets a commission. It goes to say, always read reviews that have both the positives and the negatives included to make a better decision for yourself. Last of fall, the founder himself – well, we don’t really know who he is. The acclaimed Mr. McDonald is nowhere to be found on social networking sites nor can we find out anything about his Wall Street career. If he is a real inventor of a great system, his profile should be public and available for contact.

How does Nesdek INC app work?

This is a really good question. Our team can only provide an answer based on the facts we have found regarding the Nesdeck App software system. When watching the intro video on their website, we were impressed to see an older gentleman that looked as though he had the right experience to create such a system. As we kept on watching, the information on how the Nesdek INC system generates profits is very vague and ambiguous. According to the site, the system is based on algorithms and it seeks out market trends to be able to predict the price of the assets. It claims an accuracy rate of 85% although there is no indication how Nesdek INC App finds these trends or where it takes its data from. These discoveries imply that it may be another scam system available online.

Nesdek INC App Review

Is Nesdek INC App Free?

According to the Nesdek INC App website, it is 100% free with no hidden charges. As you proceed to sign up, you’ll be prompted to deposit the minimum broker’s fee of $250 with their broker. Unless you complete those steps, you will not be able to access the automated software that aids in binary options trading.

We’re not here to tell you what to do, but we do suggest you look at the brokers they have included on their list. Are they legit? Are they credible? These are probably the main questions you should be researching to avoid losing your investment.

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Special Features

We cannot report to you special features of the Nesdek INC app as we have not found any worth mentioning. It operates as any other binary options auto trading system but it does have a few points we want to address.

The founder claims that with no trading experience, no formal education or any understanding of the financial markets you can make up to $7,000 per day. The Nesdek INC App system bases its outcomes on special algorithms that prove to be 97.5% accurate and create profits for thousands of people. Upon our examination, generating about $7,000 in one day as an unskillful trader is not very possible. That’s a much-exaggerated amount for a $250 deposit. Also, the accuracy rate would be a very special feature, but it’s unrealistic. There is no free software than can offer an 85% accuracy rate, let alone almost 100%. Also, it is true that new traders are capable of creating income streams from trading binary options. But in order to make mass profits you have to educate yourself , thus the creator makes  false promises on the site.

How To Get Started?

If you are still interested in trying the Nesdek INC system out for yourself, we remain objective and provide you the framework. Here it goes:

  1. Complete the registration form on the site.
  2. Choose an assigned unregulated broker and make an initial deposit of $250.
  3. Finally, the auto-trading process starts once you get the OK. Make sure you only invest the minimum to avoid maximum losses.

Final Words

riskFor an automated trading software to be excellent, consider these factors: transparency, accuracy, service levels, and clarity of information as the main criteria. We don’t think Nesdek INC has all these criteria, but we also can’t conclude it as a total scam. We can only confirm that Nesdek App appears to contain some mischievous behavior and the framework of the software is vague.

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  • Web-based Platform
  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Failed Reaching 85% Accuracy
  • Vaguely Described Algorithms
  • Founder is Not Credible


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