Is Nuvo Finance a Scam?


Find out if Nuvo Finance is a scam.
An in-depth look at the Nuvo Finance software claims.
Get the facts before you deposit.

Nuvo Finance is a pretty recent scam software, supposedly created by Peter Millen and released in 2017, which claims that it could make you earn $17,000 per month. In fact, this is just a new scam software which uses the same scam platform as a lot of other scams on the market. The only difference with the other scams is the logo and their software colors.

The Nuvo Finance Website

As you can see with the image bellow. There is not HTTPS or SSL protection on the Nuvo Finance website. All serious auto trading software or brokers will always have the basic HTTPs… but Nuvo Finance doesn’t have it, meaning that all your financial details may be at risk.

Nuvo Finance is using fake pictures and testimonials about “how successful” their software is. In fact, this is all fake. Don’t be tricked!

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When you are on the Nuvo Finance website trying to access some information about this software or company you’ll find this is just impossible. You can’t click on it and open a new page. They just want to scam your money and get your details for further scams! They are probably laughing at how many traders they are going to scam! You know that everything in the Nuvo Finance promotional video is fake and scam?

It probably cost them a few hundred bucks to hire the actors, and rent the office and cars displayed in their scam video!

Is Nuvo Finance Regulated?

Keep in mind that the most important question you need to ask yourself to keep you safe when choosing a trading robot is: Will this software link my account to regulated brokers or not?
The main problem with that kind of scams, which can be considered a huge red flag, is that they will link your account to unregulated brokers. Keep in mind that if you deal with unregulated brokers, you can be sure that you won’t be able to withdraw your money when you want it, but also you won’t be able to file a complaint to a regulation authority when it happens.
Nuvo Finance is only working with unregulated or even blacklisted brokers.

That means none of the proposed brokers on this software holds a valid regulation license from a regulation authority. In other words, every cent deposited on this software should be considered as lost. Don’t get fooled!

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The Sad Reality

Nuvo Finance video has been made using hired actors. Peter Millen is one of them and he never existed as a real person.
All the testimonials you can find on their video and website has been made using actors and stolen pictures from the internet.
The software they will make you use is in reality designed to make you lose your deposit as quickly as possible. Then, they share your money with the unregulated broker they linked your account to.
We’ve read and received a lot of complaints from traders who have been scammed by this fake software.

For all the reasons above, we can say that Nuvo Finance is a confirmed worthless SCAM. Therefore, we strongly urge you not to use this software and we instead suggest that you try one of the many approved trading Robots that have passed our examination with flying colors.

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  • No immediate bank details requested
  • Fake employees
  • Fake testimonials
  • No licensed or registered company
  • No specifications of software
  • No contact or support
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