Is Online Wealth Markets a Scam?


Check out this review of Online Wealth Markets.
Is Online Wealth Markets software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Online Wealth Markets and get the facts.

The binary options market is the most profitable trading you can start. Although patterns can be unpredictable, the development of trading software reduces the risks and reassures the trader is making the right decision. It’s no wonder people worldwide without any experience in stocks find binary options so easy.  So if you are looking to get started faster and earn profits more easily, you need the right trading software.

Online Wealth Markets Review

The Online Wealth Markets method is established by a team of UK professionals and was founded by James Ulrich. It is another recently developed automated trading software that supposedly helps you effectively trade binary options. This Online Wealth Market system appears to have been developed in order to aid traders with an easy and efficient solution to online trading.

On the official website, it states to be the “work from home” solution that does away with the traditional 8-hour work schedule. This system states that one doesn’t need to have any technical knowledge nor binary trading experience in order to generate huge profits. However, there are various complaints and comments in online trading forums claiming it is fake and a scam.

Read our investigative review conducted by our team to find out if Online Wealth Markets system is legit or another scam surviving in the industry.

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Is Online Wealth Markets – Legit or Scam?

Our team has discovered mixed reviews and feedback regarding Online Wealth Markets being a cheat. There are many helpful bots that help traders generate successful profits and initially, this software does look helpful. The creators have done a good job trying to convince clients to sign up according to the website’s claimed features and winning rate. The idea is obvious: to create your own online market wealth when you work from home. Supposedly, all a trader has to do is login to the Online Wealth Markets app and begin earning mass profits in a matter of minutes.


One of the things to watch out for though is the limited amount of spaces provided on the Online Wealth Markets homepage. This is a widget that some scammers use to convince you that there is only a certain amount of time left. If you decide to come visit the site again, the same amount of spots is listed. This makes OnlineWealthMarkets not appear real. As some auto trading systems do request a phone number, Online Wealth Markets appears to push traders too far. What we mean is that this software is negatively reviewed for bombarding potential traders with phone calls. If a system is legit, a sales team should not constantly call traders to make them deposit their funds. Traders should see the benefits without others trying to sway them.

How Does Online Wealth Markets Work?

The Online Wealth Market app conducts your trading tasks according to the parameters you have set when you log in. If you trust their robot completely, you don’t have to sit and dissect charts and graphs all day long. The binary trading software uses algorithms to find the best trading opportunities, but we cannot confirm this information. The framework about how Online Wealth Market actually works is very vague and there are very limited details about the way it collects market data. It appears not to be a genuine system since the system seems to be withholding important information.

Sadly to say, this system does not provide sufficient data to back up their 87% accuracy rate with real proven performance. Our findings show no real positive feedback has been provided by customers, making it Online Wealth Markets look like a suspicious system. Also, keep in mind that even the best free software cannot pass an 85% accuracy rate. Thus, this claim of 87% is very unlikely for a free app. These are just one of the reasons Online Wealth Markets does not rank high as other reliable trading robots reviewed.

Is Online Wealth Markets Being Genuine With You?

Overall, because the Online Wealth Markets system fails to inform traders what data it uses to generate signals (besides algorithms) it’s possibly another scam you should avoid. The website states that the trading robot can achieve 87% accuracy when trades are executed, but this doesn’t appear to be the real rate. Our test runs of the trading software were very disappointing.

We found that only 2 out of 10 trades were actually correct when left on autopilot – that’s a 20% accuracy rate (?!?). For such bold claims that the website makes, the real trading results appear differently when our team of experts traded with the platform.  How a system generates its outcomes are very important – but even more so that it really does generate profits. Unfortunately, Online Wealth Market does not appear to work as promised, thus we cannot say this is a genuine system for traders.

IMPORTANT: Also, keep in mind that even the best free software cannot pass an 85% accuracy rate because the financial markets change at a higher rate. Thus, this claim of 87% is very unlikely for a free app. However, there are more consistent and probable trades that trading robots can detect, which results in winning trades for you. But you need a really reliable and accurate robot for that, not something that puts you at risk like Online Wealth Markets.

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Should You Register For Online Wealth Markets?

The Online Wealth Markets software is accessible at no cost to a certain number of traders. Supposedly when the spaces fill up, $4 is the fee to access this tool along with eBooks and some trading strategies (this is very strange in our opinion). Reputable auto trading systems actually don’t require you to pay for some initial educational materials. Some companies provide them for free and include the most special strategies when you sign up.

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Before opting to sign up for an automated trading software, look at unbiased reviews. What other Online Wealth Markets reviews saying about it? Do they offer good knowledge? Are they up-to-date? Make sure you consider these questions when considering a software. Regarding Online Wealth Markets’ app, the provided educational materials seem more generic than helpful. Some of the information has some truth, however, we don’t think a trader would benefit in applying their information to their strategy.

Moreover, if you decide to register with Online Wealth Markets you will need to choose a broker from their list and then provide a minimum deposit of $250. Then you will access their system and begin trading binary options. Overall, we find the procedure acceptable as this is the norm for when you sign up, as with any trading robot software you decided to go with. However we uncovered a variety of complaints regarding some of their brokers, so we are not capable of confirming that your funds are 100% safe. We believe you should check more reputable binary options bots on the market that have positive reviews.

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The Final Verdict

riskOverall, the Online Wealth Markets system doesn’t appear to be a genuine software that will help traders invest in binary options. Online Wealth Markets lacks important details about how the software actually works and fails to provide real proof of profit outcomes. The truth behind its framework remains a mystery, which shouldn’t be the case. Traders should be able to understand how the trading robot works for their benefit.

Also, based on a few trial runs on the Online Wealth Markets app, we found the winning rate to only by 20% – not 87% as it claims. There appears to be false claims and misrepresentation about its trading performance. Based on the number of customer complaints and negative feedback, we cannot give a good rank for the Online Wealth Markets system. For this reason, we have concluded that this Binary Robot may not be 100% safe and secure for at home traders.

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