Is OptionBot 3 a Scam?


Check out this revealing review of OptionBot 3 and answer the question: Is OptionBot 3 software a scam?
Read this review that will answer all your question about of OptionBot 3.

Trading is a lucrative means of generating money. A few fraudsters have however capitalized on this leverage to perpetuate scams, which is ruining the good reputation of trading. If you are keen on making money via online trading, we advise you to adhere to the list of legitimate robots that passed our integrated investigations.

Our investigation process started with the aim of trying to ascertain the genuineness of the so-hyped optionBot 3.0 which was launched to the trading market. This application claims to be flawless in its operation and has given a falsehood impression to traders with its deceptive packages. The big question is, is optionBot legitimate or is it a scam like other recently exposed software applications we investigated? We will apparently get to discover which category it falls into. Here is a brief overview of this binary application, this would enable us to make a deductive conclusion about optionBot.

What Is the OptionBot 3.0?

OptionBot makes the claim that they are reliable, unfortunately for the initiators of this software, we have successfully drawn a conclusion and can tell that optionBot 3.0 is NOT a competent trading partner. There are a couple of facts that reveals this software application as not worthy of our endorsement. Every legitimate organization, invention, innovation has a pioneer. We need to ask ourselves these important questions to be sure of the several claims these scam software applications make. Who is the CEO, inventor of this software? Is optionBot 3.0 a licensed or registered application? Are the testimonials of this application made by real people? Does this company have a real company address that can be visited for unprecedented queries? optionBot 3.0 has a negative answer to these critical questions, which is exactly how all scams are revealed.

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OptionBot3 claims to be the third version of the first binary options application which was launched in 2012. It was a software application that could only be gotten on your PC when you download it. It had compatibility issues and could only function with windows. optionBot 2.0 is a succeeding version with improved features and was launched in June 2014.  It had an improved compatibility feature and could work perfectly well for both Android and iOS users.  On the web, the desktop version has been made accessible. However, there are compromising questions that need to be answered. There is no concrete information that proves this application is as popular as they claim. Why is there no solid information on how these previous versions performed their functions? We have not gotten any facts about the alleged high-rate performance of the optionBot 3.0 version.

What Does OptionBot3 Offer?

OptionBot3 doesn’t really offer anything that every broker gives as default. Scams often have the single goal of getting you to sign up and make a deposit.

OptionBot 3.0 offers nothing better than a ridiculous profit making opportunity and bad performance. This software application is not a match for any of the investigated and endorsed legitimate trading software bots.

If you are still thinking about making a regrettable choice and signing up with optionBot 3.0 trading system, we strongly advise you to read on. Alternatively, take a look at the trusted binary options software releases that survived all our attempts to uncover dirt.

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Overview of Option Bot 3.0

The OptionBot 3 has been accused of being one of those scam trading software applications that are basically hollow promises behind the hype. Our thorough investigations revealed more than just its mediocrity. It’s so claimed efficient functionalities are unsubstantiated, it lacks a proven track record, a verified background, and has no legitimate originator.

To be on a safer side, we can help ourselves by making a Google search of any company we intend to patronize, read through carefully and correlate the information gotten with the standard information needed to be sure they are legitimate.

We out-rightly do not recommend optionBot 3.0 and advise you not to reveal your personal information to this company. We have done a couple of investigations on companies that are absolutely credible and legitimate. We implore you to stick to established and reputable robots that offer true online trading opportunities to generating money.

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  • Unconfirmed business license
  • No product specifications
  • Fake testimonials
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