Is The Orion Code a Scam?


Check out this review of The Orion Code.
Is The Orion Code software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The Orion Code and get the facts.

Is the Orion Code just another malicious scam? Is the Orion Code software a real profit making system capable of generating thousands of dollars? These are just some of the questions we’ve received from our readers…Your jaw might hit the ground after the shocking evidence we’ve uncovered.

WARNING: The Orion Code may be a new nasty binary trading software on the loose. If you’ve received an invitation for VIP access to the Orion Code software, don’t join just yet.

It’s a real shame that the binary options trading market are becoming over saturated with scummy scam software. It used to be that there were only a handful of automated trading systems on the web, but now there are hundreds. The only problem now is that some are getting very sneaky and masking their true intentions – to steal money from traders. Our team can’t disguise our disgust of scam software looking to attract naïve traders. That’s why we aim to protect interested traders and keep them up to speed about the latest releases.

Many of you probably already know binary options trading has been around for the past decade. Although it used to be done by professionals, now anyone can access the markets and advance themselves with the help of an auto trading robot. However, one must recognize that reliable automated trading systems are there as an aid – there is no bullet-proof system at the moment. They can enhance your performance and help you trade in the right direction by executing trades without your supervision. Auto traders use advanced mathematical calculations (algorithms) to find profitable trading possibilities and then place trades in accordance with your settings.

SCAM RESULTS: We cannot recommend the Orion Code as a safe trading robot to fellow readers. There appear to be too many discrepancies in the Orion Code software to be able to conclude it as a legit binary trading system. The founder appears to be another paid actor since he is untraceable in the binary options industry. Not to mention, that there are many links on the Orion Code website that don’t work such as the “Contact Us” link. The profit promise of $10,000 in a day are unrealistic and are not achievable from even the best performing software on the market. Therefore, we suggest you keep your wallets closed and keep away from the Orion Code system.

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The Orion Code Review

The Orion Code software has recently been launched on the market and is offering visitors a chance to make between $10,000 and $100,000 in a single day. The founder of the Orion Code, Edward Robinson presents the software in the presentation video as a zero loss formula. The Orion Code claims to track trading volumes in real time and predict the top traders’ behavior in the market. It then does all the mathematical calculations to inform users of the best trading options and executes them on their behalf. Supposedly there are only a limited number of spots available to access the software, and you’ll begin generating thousands as soon as you start. These types of marketing tactics make our team cringe – and perhaps any experienced trader.

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Should you believe you can generate a minimum of $10K in 15 minutes? Absolutely not. Not from the Orion Code system or any auto binary trading software on the web. It’s just impossible, to say the least. However, many newbies are captivated by the idea, and of course, we all want to be rich. But, based on our evidence and proof we don’t believe the Orion Code is the right software for your trading needs. It appears more as a malicious software just trying to trick you into depositing funds to leave you empty handed. If you’re interested in the details and hardcore evidence, it’s in this Orion Code software review.

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About The Orion Code by Edward Robinson

If you watch the long drawn out presentation video on the website, you’ll hear the founder, Edward Robinson tell his background story. He claims to be some super rich man that has made his fortune from the Orion Code trading system. Apparently, Mr. Robinson is a big philanthropist and has been featured on the infamous Forbes magazine for his outstanding invention. He claims they call him the “Wall Street Wizard” and the “Millionaire Trader” but it appears these are full blown out lies.

Our team looked into Edward Robinson’s profile to validate his credibility, and you know what? There is no article about him nor the Orion Code system. If you do a search yourself, you’ll notice the results will turn empty. There’s also not an account of him on social media channels, which raises our eyebrows. How does such a renowned trader and philanthropist escape the public eye? It’s very rare, and our research indicates he may just be another phony actor.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the Orion Code resembles the same structure of the Quantum Code. The video follows the exact same format and even the founders have the same exact story! Both videos show that the CEOs are Wall Street gurus, philanthropists and featured in Forbes magazine. This seems like a big coincidence – or it’s the same scam behind the Quantum Code that also developed the Orion Code. Hmm, our scam radars hit an alert and yours should too. We’re not saying the Orion Code is a 100% scam, but the arrows are pointing in that direction just based on the CEO’s background check.

Can the Orion Code Software Make You Rich?

There are many questions if the Orion Code app is a legit software for generating thousands of dollars trading binary options. Well, if you are unaware, binary options trading became available in 2008. However, the Orion Code claims to have been trading since 2006. This is an absurd statement and makes it’s extremely clear that the Orion Code software may be a potential threat to your investment. Additionally, when we check the ‘Who is’ domain, the website was created on 2016/09/12.  The results are very clear. The Orion Code software has not been on the market very long and is making false claims of its past existence.


How can you trust a software that claims to have been around before binary trading was available to the public? It seems apparent that the Orion Code software is not here to help make you rich. Not to mention, if you know a thing or two about trading, there is no way on planet Earth you can generate $10K in a day. Not even in your sweetest dreams. You should expect a few hundred dollars you first few days using a reliable trading robot, but not thousands. We’re not going to say it’s impossible, but the probabilities of a small investment amount of $200 or so, turning into $10,000 are not realistic expectations you should have.

If you are looking to get started in smart investing and actually making a sustainable passive income, there are much better new alternatives on the market for binary options trading.

The Orion Code – Proof of a Scam?

The big question most people want to know: Is the Orion Code system a scam? Well, proceeding in this review we uncovered some suspicious evidence leading our experts to believe the Orion Code could be another con system on the web.

Firstly, the owner known as Edward Robinson brings about a huge worry. Online research indicates that the founder is nothing more than another paid actor. Which brings us to the question if the Orion Code really exists. We uncovered his profile on the Profile Theatre, which he worked in various movies. Just based on this should set alarm bells off in your ears. So can the Orion Code really generate you a fortune with a founder appears to be an actor? The answer should be obvious.

Moreover, searing through various investment forums and other reviews, we came across loads of negative feedback about the Orion Code. Many claim it’s a binary trading scam while other online reviews have blacklisted the Orion Code. We’re not here to down talk a trading system. Our job is to inform you of the facts and findings properly we discover during our investigations.

If the above reasons aren’t enough to raise red flags, then here is another factor to consider. Throughout the video, Mr. Robinson talks about making his millions with the Orion Code, yet never explains how it works. You are only told the software is based on “near Orion speed” technology – that’s it. Looking online, we were unable to find any credible information about the framework of the software. We decided to reach out the customer support team through the “Contact Us” link on the website, but guess what? There is no link. So, how can you trust the Orion Code is the real deal? There is not data about how it operates and no customer support to contact.

Overall, there are too many missing parts to say that the Orion Code is a legit and real software. We highly suggest you opt for more reputable trading robots that have been approved and tested to improve your binary options trading results.

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How Much Does The Orion Code Cost?

According to Edward Robinson, he explains in the website video that the Orion Code software is free. However, there are only a limited amount of spots available, and those who sign up will be given VIP access to download the Orion Code app software. If you decide to join, you will need to fill out the form with your personal details and then proceed by opening a broker’s account. Sounds easy and simple, enough.

Although the sign-up process for the Orion Code is rather simple, there is one danger – the affiliated binary options brokers involved. This it’s risky because the broker is the one that is in charge of letting you receive your earnings. So if you open an account with an untrustworthy broker, you can say bye-bye to your earnings. Our scam investigation shows that customer reviews are not saying the nicest things about the brokers involved with the Orion Code. Therefore, we caution you before opening an account.

The Final Verdict

riskTo sum up the Orion Code review, our investigation indicates that this a potential dangerous trading system on the web. It’s not only the fact that you will not be able to generate $10,000 a day but the entire layout of the Orion Code software. The founder, Edward Robinson, appears to be non-existent after finding his actual name posted on a theater website – this truly shocked us. He does not appear to be a cheap actor, but a paid professional that acts for a living. Our experts uncovered more disturbing evidence of the Orion Code not meeting its promised performance. There are way too many negative customer reviews and loads of reviews down talking the Orion Code app for us to feel safe recommending it to our readers. All-in-all, you should know that the Orion Code will not make you thousands of dollars today, tomorrow or ever. The framework is never explained, and there is no customer support available on the website.

Based on our findings, we highly suggest you stay away from the Orion Code for your own safety. There are legit trading software out there but don’t expect to become a millionaire in a month. Reliable trading robots can help you generate a few thousand dollars extra a month if you are a beginner.

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  • Professional Looking Video
  • Attractive Profit Claims
  • Website Links Not Working
  • No Customer Support Available
  • CEO Appears to Be Just An Actor
  • Reviewers Are Blacklisting The Software
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