Is The Oxford Method A Scam?


Can you believe the outlandish claims of The Oxford Method?
see the results of the Oxford Method review and find out why so many people are asking the question:
Who is Evan Wright and can you trust him?

Scam-Rank has reviewed countless credible trustworthy trading systems, brokers, and robots, but recently there has been an explosion of scams on the net, and they are all telling the same old lies. We’ve seen enough to spot them in a heartbeat, but can you say the same? Scam-Rank is here to make sure you don’t fall for the wrong company. Stick with us and get the facts. If you are serious about using Robots to improve your trading performance, we at Scam-Rank suggest you avoid new bots, and use only trusted and verified Robots.

Is Oxford a Scam?

Half a million pounds in less than a month… do you really need to read more? Very well, let’s take a quick look. We have a video with a long list of people praising Evan Wright. They all made around half-a-million pounds in their first month, and yet surprisingly they are still living in tiny dingy houses. Rather than excitement they all display disbelief at how much money they made in such a short time. We at Scam-Rank agree with that sentiment… they don’t believe it, and neither should you. Why? Because they are low paid actors making reviews for peanuts.

It’s already clear what The Oxford Method is, but let’s keep looking.

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Social Media Proof

Next comes the barrage of social media posts. Letting prospective clients see what existing clients think is a great way to generate new business, but are the testimonials real? The Oxford Method made a common mistake done by many scam sites, which is simply using names that are somewhat unique. While John Smith might be suspiciously cliché, he is also difficult to track down. Jason Standbing is a foolish name choice for a fake fan. As you can see, a simple search of Facebook for Jason Standbing gave no results. We had a long dig around on the others but couldn’t find anyone who fit the profiles either.

So exactly what is the oxford method anyway?

The site, or page, says the Oxford Method is a 100% FREE software that will trade on the binary options markets with just 1 click! In other words, you deposit your money, then sit back, do nothing, and kiss your cash goodbye. They don’t even need your permission to make a trade with your money.
In the real world, such an amazing breakthrough in programming would be their pride, and you’d imagine they’d dedicate an entire page explaining the groundbreaking genius and why their software is better than the existing ones known to be legit. Nope! Actually, they don’t even have a single line that explains what the software actually is or how it works. It’s web based! That’s all we know.
Who is The Oxford Method creator?
Well, that depends. Scams have a need to change identities very often, but they tend to use the same content. This is lazy, but it makes our job easy. The Oxford method and its collection of fake testimonials and actors are also found with the Brit Wealth System, The Brit Method, Canuck, and the Aussie Method. They are expanding on a monthly basis so try to avoid any of the other The “xzy” Methods.

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The Final Verdict

The ‘whatever’ method doesn’t have a valid company anywhere, no offices, no employees, no contact details, and absolutely no credibility online or anywhere else. There is zero valid information to confirm the existence of any algorithm, A.I. or magically powered software that can predict market movement. The overwhelming comments and complaints that are saturating the net will no doubt prompt them to make another rename and new domain, so watch out.

Rather than trying to figure out which of the new Robots are real and which are not, we suggest you go with the established and verified robots that actually provide a valued service.

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  • No immediate deposit requirements
  • No evidence to support an actual software
  • Fake testimonials and social Media post
  • Affiliations with previously outed scams
  • Lack of verifiable company credentials
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