Is Pay My Vacation a Scam?


Check out this review of Pay My Vacation.
Is Pay My Vacation software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Pay My Vacation and get the facts.

Pay My Vacation Scam makes users believe that they will become members of an exclusive Millionaire club. But are you just being taken for a ride that will turn out to be a scam?

If you land yourself a high-quality trading bot, you stand every opportunity of turning a healthy profit. Those that actually work get the job done by using data, market movements and logic to predict when and where winning trades can be made. And they can certainly do a good job too – the problem being that there are far more scam bots on the market than working bots.

Others might beat around the bush, but in this Pay My Vacation review for binary options trading, you’ll find out everything you need to know.


Pay My Vacation Review

Here’s a question – would you pass up the opportunity to spend the rest of your life on vacation? How about on vacation, while at the same time making a fortune? And all without doing any work whatsoever? Of course you wouldn’t…neither would anyone else. Which is where the Pay My Vacation system comes into the equation. Apparently, Pay My Vacation can provide you with this exact lifestyle. Which prompts another key question – does Pay My Vacation work? Or more importantly, is Pay My Vacation legit?

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The Pay My Vacation system by Jack James popped up recently and attracted a lot of attention. After all, the prospect of living the vacation lifestyle forever is appealing to say the least. And given the fact you can pick up the Pay My Vacation software free, it all comes across as a little too good to be true. So putting aside the Pay My Vacation complaints come across for a moment, let’s discuss what we personally encountered when checking out what’s on offer.

About Pay My Vacation by Jack James

In case you wondered, the chap apparently behind the incredible system is one Jack James. The site tells the world how Pay My Vacation by Jack James is already making millionaires all over the world – three of whom have been willing to share their stories. What’s interesting though is the three videos providing positive Pay My Vacation feedback are nothing but panoramic real-estate videos that we found ripped from other sites. That’s all you get – a quick tour of a luxury property, along with a scripted speech about how it was Pay My Vacation that funded it. Search long and hard, but you’ll soon find that these three individuals do not exist and these homes certainly don’t belong to Pay My Vacation customers.

As for the man himself, Jack’s Vacation Software comes across as appealing – it’s just a shame we cannot trace him. It appears as he doesn’t actually exist. He talks of sipping cocktails by the pool all day while making a fortune – a fantasy as fictional as he himself seems to be. The same also goes for the figures produced during the video – $178,000 in ten days, $1.4 million in nine weeks etc. This cannot and will not happen in the world of binary trading – not now, not ever.

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Pay My Vacation – Scam or Real System?

First and foremost, we really have to talk a little about the pitch video itself. It becomes obvious in no more than about 10 seconds who they are targeting with the Pay My Vacation software. It’s all about a life on vacation, but for the entire opening of the video, it’s nothing but close-up, gratuitous shots of bikini-clad women’s chests and backsides. Seriously – it’s nothing short of explicit. The way we see it…and anyone else with an eye for such things, this is really just a feeble way of capturing the attention of naïve newcomers.

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CAN YOU TAKE A SOFTWARE SERIOUSLY??!!!! Come on, it appears that it’s just messing you.

Take a look at the quite absurd Pay My Vacation video and you’ll find an absurd promise – one which states that while you can get Pay My Vacation software free, it will earn you close to $18,000 per day. As you may have realised long ago, there isn’t a trading bot or even a professional trader on the face of the Earth that can reliably make this kind of cash on a daily basis. As such, first-impressions of the Pay My Vacation website centre around little more than half-naked women and false promises.

How Does Pay My Vacation Work?

Skip right down to the bottom of the website page and you’ll find an apparent disclosure answering the key question – how does Pay My Vacation work? If there’s one good thing to say about the blurbs, it’s that they’re at least well written. The web content on the other hand, flags up a number of potential Pay My Vacation scam questions. For example, in terms of how it works, the company owner talks of “…legal “insider” information, before anyone else from my banker and trader fiends. With this information I have the power to know WHEN and WHAT to trade. I enter this information into the Vacation Software, where it executes trades AUTOMATICALLY. Anybody using the Pay My Vacation System profits from these trades too. That’s how the my members make so much money, every day.”

Is this really a legit explanation? Our experts say not and so do other professional traders that are blacklisting the system. Where is the credibility? The information about the framework? Obviously, no where.

Now, this is all well and good, but if he’s getting the information and making the trades happen, this IS NOT automation. Even though Jack James says it is. Also “That’s how the my members make…” is a pretty careless mistake that doesn’t scream professionalism.

In addition, another question directed at the Pay My Vacation website is why is he doing this? Why share the wealth? His answer: “I’ve had everything I could want for years now. The only thing I want now is more friends to share my success with. That’s why you’re getting this private offer… you’re someone I can help share this lifestyle of wealth and freedom!”

Seriously?! I have all the money in the world and an epic lifestyle, but I’m desperate for friends? And by the way, friends who I’ll be demanding money from in order to sign up? This has all the tell-tale signs of a Pay My Vacation scam lurking. 

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Pay My Vacation Complaints

Those that have signed up for the Pay My Vacation system seem to unanimously agree it delivers nothing it promises. Which isn’t entirely surprising, given the way in which the company behind it doesn’t even go so far as to fully explain how it works. The brief explanation offered by ‘Jack James’ makes no sense at all, there’s no talk of algorithms and the whole thing remains a bit of a mystery.

When binary trading robots don’t provide an understandable way of explaining how the software works, be worried. It’s either systems make it way to complex to understand, which is another scam trick or they explain nothing at all – just like Pay My Vacation. More reputable trading robots have a sophisticated approach that explains exactly what’s necessary and actually performs without making over-the-top promises.

And just to bring it all together with an addition to the Pay My Vacation complaints, the insist on using the same tired and dated tactic of trying to convince readers that it’s a limited-time offer with very few spots available. This is a classic hallmark that suggests a Pay My Vacation scam is at work – it’s nothing more than a marketing tactic to stir up interest.

The Final Verdict 

riskSo is Pay My Vacation is it a Scam? The evidence suggesting that Pay My Vacation is a scam is too strong for us personally to take the risk of working with them. As such, we cannot offer a conclusive answer as to whether Pay My Vacation is a 100% scam or not. There are many other reviews saying that it is down to it’s very core. We simply present our findings, as a means by which to help others make informed decisions. And what we found was a Pay My Vacation website and an apparent Pay My Vacation that leaves you with far more questions than answers. Not only this, but none of the figures are even remotely realistic and the pitch video itself leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s important to find out exactly what you’re signing up for before even thinking of joining these kinds of schemes. There are some excellent trading bots out there that can deliver great results – just don’t go thinking that any system will make you millions overnight!

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  • Nice Images On The Surface
  • A Persuasive Pitch
  • Ridiculously OTT Promises
  • Massively Contradictory Information
  • Fake Figures And Fraudulent Recommendations
  • No Contact Details Or Company Information
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