Is Polygraph Millionaire a Scam?


Check out this review of Polygraph Millionaire.
Is Polygraph Millionaire software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Polygraph Millionaire and get the facts.

Is the Polygraph Millionaire software a good trading system? Will you become a millionaire as promised or earn up to $28K in a day? Despite the claims that Polygraph Millionaire is a great trading robot, we are only interested in the truth. So get ready to find out.

Before we start, let’s just address the following question asked by our subscribers: Are there any binary options traders that make over $2,000 in a day with an automated trading system? Well, this is a tricky question. It’s almost rare you can make thousands in a day. However, everything depends on how much you leverage. Binary options profits operate in accordance with the investment amount you place on a trade. So the more you invest, the higher the profit margin.

But, it’s not necessary to start trading with large investments – that’s why everyone can do it. Many people nowadays just commit a few hours a week to earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars – these are realistic expectations you should have. And the help of binary robots has made the whole investment process much easier. You just need to have the right trading tool to benefit and don’t fall for false claims from scam systems. There are hundreds of scam systems on the market and only a handful of them are legit – so be careful.

SCAM RESULTS:  The Polygraph Millionaire software does not appear as it seems. We mean it’s not a good system, and the trading robot’s performance is horribly poor. Although it claims to be new, we noticed that Polygraph Millionaire is not a new trading robot. It’s an old system that has been rebranded. The previous system it used to be known as was the Lie Detector Millionaire which was a known scam – over 1,000 negative reviews of people who lost money. However, we uncovered more facts that led us to conclude Polygraph Millionaire is not a system to trust.

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Polygraph Millionaire Review

Well, there’s no denying that with Polygraph Millionaire, they certainly came up with a compelling name. After all – would the folks behind the Polygraph Millionaire club ever tell a lie? The name suggests not, but then again, we all know how misleading names can be.

If you’re wondering what Polygraph Millionaire is, how Polygraph Millionaire works or have any other important Polygraph Millionaire questions, you’re in the right place. We’re committed to telling it like it is, so for the full scoop on this apparently money-making program, check out our Polygraph Millionaire review in full!

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About Polygraph Millionaire’s – Dan Wilkins

The more you read about Polygraph Millionaire, the more you find yourself with more Polygraph Millionaire questions than answers. If you take the time to watch the video, you’ll find out soon enough where the name of the scheme comes from. You’ll be introduced to Polygraph Millionaire’s Dan Wilkins – the genius behind the system and the company’s founder. He specifically talks about the “BS” spouted by other systems like his, going in to ‘prove’ he’s telling the truth by taking a…yep, you guessed it – a polygraph test! Such efforts to rule out the possibility of a Polygraph Millionaire scam are impressive enough. Or at least they would be, if it wasn’t for the fact that this October 2016 publicity stunt was also repeated in April 2016.

Image result for polygraph millionaire same as lie detector

Which begs the question – why Polygraph Millionaire even exists, if the prior system was both legit and identical? And why Polygraph Millionaire’s owners don’t make any mention of the prior program? It’s all a little odd. Even more interestingly, Dan Wilkins appeared in a previous video for a brand called Blazing Trader, where for some reason his name was Johan Strand. An inexplicable change of name in the meantime? Hardly – he’s simply an actor paid to portray these kinds of characters – as tends to be the case with so many trading bot brands these days.

How Does Polygraph Millionaire Work?

There’s a huge imbalance these days between the outstanding binary trading bots doing the rounds and those that serve up a huge heap of nothing. Or worse still, leave you out of pocket. Some do the job great, while others are nothing short of fraudulent systems out to bleed you dry. The question being, how Polygraph Millionaire fits into all of this?

Is Polygraph Millionaire legit? Come to think of it, is Polygraph Millionaire legal, for that matter? And if so, how many Polygraph Millionaires are there already enjoying what’s supposedly on offer?

Read on for all the answers – our Polygraph Millionaire reviews dig deep!

Polygraph Millionaire – Scam or Not?

So, the very first thing to point out (if you’ve not already noticed) Polygraph Millionaire is quite simply a rebadged, rebranded and re-launched clone of a previous scheme…one named Lie Detector Millionaire. Creative and original, right? In its prior guise, the Polygraph Millionaire video and website talked of the opportunity for investors to earn a whopping $28,000 per day, with monthly tallies hitting an eye-watering $498,561. A very precise figure, and one that also happens to sit above the Polygraph Millionaire video on the new website. And that’s really all it is – a new website with the same Polygraph Millionaire system as before.

Having consulted a number of Polygraph Millionaire reviews and those of its predecessor (Lie Detector Millionaire scam), we found out that new customers are asked for $250 to get started. Which suggests that the secret formula behind how Polygraph Millionaire works allows it to turn $250 into half a million dollars in a month. This is totally bizarre! Any trader could tell you that this is completely unpractical and unrealistic. Some are personally invited, while others are recommended by existing members. The personal invitations appear to be emails that hit the Junk box – which indicates spam.

Some are personally invited via email to join the Polygraph Millionaire program, while others are recommended by existing members. The personal invitations appear to be emails that hit the Junk box – which indicates spam. Now, why would emails hit be marked as spam? Perhaps there is something within the email indicating a scam. This is usually the case in previous investigations we have covered. That’s why Polygraph Millionaire could be a dangerous scam.

Already, alarm bells should be ringing as to the possibility of a Polygraph Millionaire scam. The reason being that no legitimate system on Earth is capable of this – even fabled Polygraph Millionaire Club members.

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 Is Polygraph Millionaire a Con System?

Something else that stands out (in a rather negative sense) is the way in which those who sign up with Polygraph Millionaire online are told by the company of a $1,000 bonus offer. Which would be great, if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve yet to come across a single Polygraph Millionaire review from a real customer that received even a penny of this. A $100 bonus is considered extremely generous with these kinds of things – $1,000 is just too good to be true. Which immediately cases aspersions on the whole thing.

Image result for polygraph millionaire reviews

Other than this, there’s the way in which insists on perpetuating the same tired, cliché and annoying tactic of pretending there are limited spots available. Wherever you are and whenever you hit the home page, will state that 5 spots left in your area and 3 spots in front of you. Better hurry, right? Of course not – it’s just random text embedded on the page with no meaning. Even if there’s no Polygraph Millionaire hoax going on, seeing dated and lazy tactics like this being used today really isn’t reassuring. There’s much hype from online reviewers claiming that Polygraph Millionaire is just a repackaged version of the Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM) scam system. Keep your eyes open and wallets shut because Polygraph Millionaire could definitely be another scam on the radar.

Is Polygraph Millionaire Legit?

You’ll find four important links at the bottom of the Polygraph Millionaire 2016 website – Privacy, Terms, Disclaimers and Support. Interestingly, all four links point to the same page which has nothing to do with customer support or contact details. There are, quite simply, none to be found.

The Polygraph Millionaire video sees the creator of it all beaming about ITM success rates as high as 98%. The simple fact of the matter is that if you know anything about trading, you’ll know this is an impossible figure (98%) to lie up to. Fundamentally impossible. If you make it to the actual Polygraph Millionaire website itself, you’ll find yourself presented with a handful of apparent software testers putting the thing through its paces. Unfortunately, each of the photos you see has been lifted either from Google or social media, the names have been made up and all the information listed fabricated. This isn’t a theory, it’s a simple fact. Not to mention, it appears as it’s taking the same design as it’s former version – the Lie Detector Millionaire (LDM).

And as for answering that prior question as to how many Polygraph Millionaires are there out there? Well, we’ve only the research we’ve carried out to go on, but take the time to look long and hard and chances are you’ll still come back with nothing. They talk up the success of their customers, but where are they? More evidence of a Polygraph Millionaire con at work.

The Final Conclusion

riskAs always, we’d only be able to confirm that Polygraph Millionaire is a scam if we’d fallen for the scam itself. As this isn’t the case, we can only present the facts and truths we found along the way. Scanning the Polygraph Millionaire Facebook page, the website and a number of Polygraph Millionaire scam reviews telling both sides of the story, we’re still left with more questions than answers.

Why Polygraph Millionaire exists if its predecessor was so solid? How Polygraph Millionaire can turn the kinds of profits no other site or service can? What Polygraph Millionaire is doing using actors, rather than being represented by its real team and owners.

The simple truth is that with so many tried, tested and reliable bots available these days, there’s really no reason to take chances elsewhere. It’s ultimately your own decision to decide if you know enough about Polygraph Millionaire to buy into what’s on offer, but with such a range of discrepancies with regard to what’s on offer, it’s important to be careful along the way.

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  • An Interesting And Creative Video Pitch
  • The Website Itself Is Well Presented
  • It Is A Clone Of The Lie Detector Millionaire
  • Ridiculously OTT Promises
  • No Contact Details
  • Talk Of 98% Success Rates Which Are Impossible
  • Fake Reviews And Actors Hired To Play Key Roles
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