Is Prizm Tech Software a Scam?


Check out this review of Prizm Tech.
Is Prizm Tech software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Prizm Tech and get the facts.

Is there anything legit in the Prizm Tech claim? The CEO and founder, Richard Squire, claims that Prizm Tech is “The ONLY Software guaranteed to make you $7,890 weekly. You will be shocked to find out why!”

Maybe we’ll be shocked when our accounts empty out? If this is what you’re worried about and asking yourself if Prizm Teck is a scam or not – it’s a good thing you found this review.

To be frank, it’s really sad that the overwhelming contingency of fraudulent systems gives the market’s best trading bots a bad name. These days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come across automated trading software you can trust – locating dodgy systems, by comparison, is a piece of cake. And even in instances where you’re not dealing with an outright scam, it’s still far too easy to be taken for a ride and get nothing out of the deal. Hence the reason why most approach the idea of trading automation with a note of skepticism.

The truth is, if you track down and begin using a high-quality trading bot, it’s perfectly possible to make good money. You might not get rich overnight, but there’s no better way of minimising risks and maximising potential – especially if you’re new to the idea of trading. The only problem being that with the market’s leading bots in such short supply, it’s inevitable that some will fall foul of scam tactics. Our goal is to make sure you don’t happen to be one of them!

SCAM RESULTS: As impressive as the software may come across for those in need of an automated trading tool, Prizm Tech falls short of profit performance.  Based on our findings we cannot recommend the Prizm Tech software as a safe and legit trading method. Due to loads of negative feedback and controversial promises made by the website, we suggest you turn your back and save your hard-earned money. If you’re looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of recommended trading robots.

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Prizm Tech Software Review

The initial blurb about making $7,890 a week from the Prizm Tech guys seems to be a misleading statement plotted to win over new customers.

When presented with a promise like this, it’s impossible not to buy into the whole Prizm Tech system. Not only do they talk about Prizm Tech software being able to bring home massive profits, but given that it’s supposedly guaranteed…well, there’s nothing to lose by giving it a go, right? Wrong.

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First of all, it’s never a good idea to go ahead with these kinds of things based on initial promised and claims to fame. But perhaps more importantly, any service provider like Prizm Technology that promises high money weekly returns is well and truly playing you like a fool. The simple fact of the matter is that these kinds of promises cannot and will not be kept – something the team behind the brand knows all too well. It’s is well recognized in the industry from authoritative financial sources that these high-profit promises are unrealistic. When starting out, it’s almost impossible to earn this much money in your first week of trading. Maybe after some time and more education, SURE – but not right now with just a smudge of an investment. And given the fact that trust and honesty are of critical importance when it comes to these kinds of systems, why work with those who lie to you from the word go?

And just to prove the point, you’ll also find noted in their terms and conditions an entirely contradictory statement, which reads:


So that’s guaranteed profits, followed by a warning that they make NO guarantees of profits. Whichever way you look at it, absolutely ludicrous.

Obviously, the Prizm Tech software proves to be telling you a different story. So if you didn’t read the fine print, you might be disappointed when you realize your profits weren’t secured from the initial starting point. All we can say is that this is disgraceful.

The way we see it, you’d be far better off working with an auto trading software that’s truthful and honest from the word go. If you are looking for a real trading robot for binary options, you’ll notice that they don’t make unrealistic promises.

About Prizm Tech App – Scam or Legit?

The apparent mastermind and CEO Richard Squire is the chap that came up with the Prizm Tech app. Who is Richard Squire? That’s exactly what we wanted to find out, but all we found out, in the end, was absolutely nothing. The reason being that as is the case with so many other scam bots and trading services, the supposed Mr. Richard Squire, CEO doesn’t exist. He’s probably just another actor, hired by the company to read a script and say whatever it is they want him to say. Seriously – scour the web and all the social media outlets on Earth, and you’ll find that this guy actually doesn’t exist at all.

Which begs the question – why use an actor? It’s simple really – this way those behind the company can stay hidden and anonymous. And if you’re hell-bent on remaining hidden behind the scenes and anonymous, what does this say about your confidence, transparency, and professionalism? Not a lot, really. It appears Prizm Tech software falls short of all these essential qualifications.

But it’s also the story that goes along with the spiel that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. If it were genuinely possible for this incredible Prizm Tech system to generate around $8,000 per week, Mr. Squire would be able to sit back, put his feet up and become mega-rich in no time. Suffice to say; he wouldn’t need the donations of any customers at all. So why does he bother? Well, he says it’s all part of some kind of court agreement which disallows him from using his own software to make a profit. As such, he apparently earns nothing from it and is doing it all for the benefit of his customers.

Yeah right. Just like the man himself, our researchers found that no such court case ever took place and is assumed to be100% fabricated. So again you have to ask yourself – what is Prizm really up to and do I honestly want to be a part of it?

We’d advise you not to if that’s what you’re wondering. Binary options traders shouldn’t put their well-earned money in a system that seems distrustful like Prizm Tech.

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Prizm Tech Website – Something’s Not Right

However, much cash was allocated to the design and development of the website, it’s pretty clear that most of it was blown on the video. This is obvious by the fact that the video is just about the only thing about the presentation of it all that you could call in any way slick or professional. The rest of it…well, it doesn’t exactly paint a positive picture.

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The videos do a good job telling the story and there’s a sprinkling of reviews thrown in to whet the appetite a little further. Which would be all well and good, if it wasn’t for the fact that we found the reviews to be 100% fabricated and the ‘customers’ who wrote them also do not exist. The pictures of the successors were probably ripped from elsewhere and not to mention, and the accompanying text is poorly written. It’s very common binary trading scam systems do such tactics – but why do they all use the same photos and actors? It’s just exploiting them much faster.

Speaking of which, it’s never a good sign when you come across a trading software asking for your cash, though one that clearly cannot be bothered to ensure the content they publish is error-free. Even just glancing over the home page, you can’t help but pick up on a fair few careless errors in spelling, grammar, and presentation in general. As such, you can only assume that the Prizm Tech website was thrown together for the lowest possible price and certainly isn’t the work of true professionals.

Does Prizm Tech Work? – Realistic Returns?

The big question: Does the Prizm Tech software work? If there’s one genuinely positive thing to be said about the Prizm Tech system, it’s the way in which they claim that it offers a success rate of 79.8%. Why is this a good thing? Well, quite simply because it’s far more realistic than those quoting 90% and higher success rates, which are totally impossible. But at the same time, 79% is only an agreeable success rate if it actually happens, which according to our test run of the software and the majority of customer reviews, it CERTAINLY DOES NOT.

The results were unsettling – random trades were being made left and right. There was no tactical strategy to Prizm Tech robot trading. If we wanted to lose our money, we could have placed random trades ourselves!

But this also highlights another glaring error with what Squire and his team are supposedly offering. They make the claim several times that in just a few minutes, you could generate an impressive $379. Ask any trader about how easy it would be to make over $300 in an hour with an 80% success rate, and they’ll tell you the same – it’s pretty much impossible. With this kind of success rate, it would actually be an achievement to take home more than $100 in a full day – they’re clearly looking to mislead those who don’t already have a great deal of trading experience.

TIP: New traders should understand that it may require time before making anything above $6,000 per week. It is possible however if you dedicate some time to studying the market and learn to analyze charts to get ahead. It’s safe to say that $2,000 your first week is more realistic with the help of a reliable trading tool and by committing to a couple of hours a day. Of course, investors with more experience have the potential to earn much more.

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Last but not least, quite a number of customers have suggested that Prizm Tech is a scam due to the way in which it plays on the emotions and past experiences of traders. They make an effort right from the get-go to talk down other scam systems, insisting that they understand what so many traders have gone through and are offering something wholly superior. The only problem being that all this apparent empathy is woven into a tapestry of complete and utter untruths. Hell, even the guy telling you what you need to know is an actor reading from a script!

Given the importance of what’s at stake, working with an honest, transparent and reputable trading bot is the only way to go.

The Final Conclusion

riskWe have to stop shy of suggesting there is an outright Prizm Tech scam, however, all the evidence we have gathered seems to point in the direction of a fraud. Not to mention, the reviews of so many customers may paint this kind of picture. But even if it’s not a scam or fraudulent system, there are just far too many Prizm Tech questions that remain unanswered.

Why lie about the company’s origins and its owners? Why fabricate the figures when it’s clear they don’t make sense? Why not spend just a few minutes clearing up the silly mistakes littering the home page? Above all else, though, it’s the guarantee followed by a denial of all guarantees that rubs us up the wrong way. The Prizm Tech video says one thing will the website fine print says another! Unfortunately, the fine print is what matters. Therefore, there are no guaranteed profits.

After all, if the very first statement you read from Prizm Tech is a lie, how can you trust the rest of what’s on offer?

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  • A Realistic 79% Success Rate
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  • Careless Mistakes And Errors
  • Fraudulent Company Backstory
  • Generally Rather Misleading
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