Is Profit Hack a Scam?


Check out this review of Profit Hack.
Is Profit Hack software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Profit Hack and get the facts.

WARNING: The Profit Hack could just HACK your wallet. If you’ve received multiple spam emails from the Jack Sanders, the Profit Hack founder, we advise you don’t do one thing until you read this review.

As the holidays approach, it seems like binary scam systems try even harder to trick you into signing up. Is it possible to make extra money in the next couple weeks for the holidays with binary options trading? For those who are just getting started in online trading, binary options trading are the simplest way to build your personal investment. You see immediate results and the profit outcomes are predictable thanks to the technology advancements. If you’re looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of the best trading robots in the industry.

There are thousands of individuals worldwide who can access these trading tools, but you need to know which one is your best solution. If it promises you wealth by tomorrow, it’s a trick. So, be careful not to fall for get-quick-rick schemes.

Profit Hack Software Review

It seems every time a new binary trading software is released; they get more clever trying to cover up their full essence of existence. Binary options trading is profitable, no doubt. And there are so many people even making it their full-time career nowadays. Other individuals enjoy earning some extra cash, like a few hundred dollars, on their own time. However, the growing possibilities of finding the right trading opportunities are made with the help of quality trading robots. Unfortunately, the high demand of auto-traders has led to many binary scams penetrating the market – and the Profit Hack system might just be one of them.

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The Profit Hack software system is founded by the alleged 28-year-old named Jack Sanders who claims to have made more than $6mil with this scheme. We refer to Jack as the alleged creator because you never actually see him in the video. He remains a narrator throughout the entire video presentation and webinar, which strikes us as very odd. It’s a factor to be worried about since we discovered that many traders fall for this mysterious system every day. But to they actually make any profits with the Profit Hack? Is Jack Sanders a real person?

Read this full Profit Hack cam review, so you don’t end up disappointed in trusting a system that may not have your best interest.

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Does the Profit Hack Software Work?

After carefully watching the presentation video, it’s only natural to wonder on the Profit Hack system works. The explanation on how the Profit Hack app goes about deciding and placing trades is not clarified. The only answer our experts could think of was that it could only possibly use an arbitrage method to guarantee it wins (although it doesn’t). Experienced binary options traders already know that relying on arbitrage is not to going to work now- or ever. Arbitrage is basically sports gambling.

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If the Profit Hack system were telling even the slightest truth that it could win 100%, the brokers will patch up this arbitrage issue and then take away the profits that you make since it’s technically a malfunction. And they’ll have every right to do so! However, this is all hypothetical. Up until now, there haven’t been authentic reviews of real users making actual cash with the Profit Hack system.

Following along with the Profit Hack System’s “live” webinar, we noticed a few inconsistencies and that it is not exactly live. It’s more just a replay that everyone gets and you can test it yourself by refreshing the landing page. Also, if you look to the right you’ll see that you can type in a message to speak with the developer. However, when attempting to write a message to ask how the Profit Hack is 100% accurate, we got a pop-up message saying “Thank you for the message! We will get back to you and maybe even publish your question.” Why are they hiding a user’s message? It’s a question that needs to be answered.

So how does the Profit Hack system have 100% wins? Well, no one wants to answer that question – not Jack or any customer support. This goes to show that there is a possible scam in the Profit Hack system.

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Should You Join the Profit Hack Software System?

We’re not going to hold back our opinion – NO. We are disgusted when scam systems take advantage of traders, and then they get the wrong idea about auto trading software. Because the Profit Hack system tries to be clever and to convince investors to deposit their money in a wrongful manner, we cannot recommend it.

The Profit Hack system does something completely different than any other trading robot. Jack Sanders asks for your credit card details directly! This is not his place to ask for your details. You enter your credit card information when you go to open a broker’s account; then you access the trading robot (or at least in the legit binary robots we use). That’s the correct way to begin trading.

The way the Profit Hack system goes about getting users to sign up causes much worry and it explains why users feel they’ve been scammed.

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 The Profit Hack System – Is it a Scam?

According to Jack Sanders, he claims to have earned $6 million thanks to the genius works Profit Hack software. However, after examining the domain site on, we discovered that domain was registered on July of 2016. The system is, of course, is still in its early stages at the time this scam review is being written.

So how did Jack make his millions since he claims he’s been using the Profit Hack software since 2013? It appears as though either Jack is making it all up (or maybe he made his fortune by scamming users into signing up). The possibilities are endless, but there is not sound explanation.


Digging even deeper, after signing up you receive an email confirmation. But if you take a good look at that email template from Profit Hack, you’ll notice something very shocking. Somehow, all of a sudden it’s no longer called the Profit Hack software BUT in the email it says TPH Trading (???).  Let’s just say our team was very confused. Any well-seasoned trader would be blown away to see such switch – and wouldn’t trust a binary software like Profit Hack. Hence why we hesitate to recommend it.

What’s even more disturbing is when we looked up what TPH Trading is – it’s an abbreviation for a marketing company. This appears to be a trick so no one can go searching for reviews on TPH Trading. But, just like other honest binary reviewers out there, we’re exposing the truth in the Profit Hack system.

Seriously, it’s a good idea not to risk your hard-earned money in a scam-looking system like Profit Hack. We’ve come across a number of great binary trading solutions that do offer real profits.

The Final Verdict

riskThe Profit Hack software is not a recommended trading robot that’ll give you 100% wins. Jake Sanders doesn’t provide details as to how this software works in the video presentation nor will he reply to questions. Further online research was conducted, and there is no information to be found how the software operates. It sounds like the Profit Hack System is just a black hole – money goes in and never comes back.

Unfortunately, the Profit Hack app seems to do a few sleazy things like changing the company name in their emails and not offering real live webinars. Why lie? Obviously, the team behind the Profit Hack software wants you to believe something other than the truth. Also, the fact the Profit Hack app mentions it uses arbitrage – there’s trouble because that’s a common strategy with sports betting. So you may be gambling away your investment.

Nonetheless, we are very against binary trading systems that use illegitimate brokers and unproven trading strategies. Therefore, the Profit Hack Software doesn’t have your best interest, and it probably won’t get you close to wealth.

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  • Provides a Webinar
  • Web-Based Platform
  • False Win-Rate
  • Does Not Have a Sound Trading Framework
  • There Are No Live Webinars
  • No Record of Users Making Profits
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