Is Profit Trading Bot a Scam?


Read the profit trading bot review
Profit Trading Bot scam uncovered. Find out the secret behind the profit trading bot website and the so-called intelligent software.

The Profit Trading Bot Review

Scam-Rank have been reviewing brokers, bots, and systems for over a decade. Our extensive experience with both scams and legitimate enterprises mean it is considerably easier for us to get to the truth.

Profit Trading Bot claims to provide an artificial intelligence based system to trade binary options automatically. Here’s what we found from our investigation. It didn’t take us long to reveal the ugly truth about Profit Trading Bot. We do NOT recommend Profit Trading Bot as a valid trading tool. We strongly suggest you select one of the Trusted Robots that passed our rigorous investigation and offers a real and proven service that is specifically designed for making real money online.

Is Profit Trading Bot a Scam?

The company site is an online calling card, and it tells a lot about the company you are considering. If you have or had a company, you’d populate your main page with every detail of the services you have. You’d highlight your top technology, the experience of your employees, your previous history, as much as possible. This is how all genuine businesses do things. Hoax products and scam services cannot do this because everything is built on a lie. The best they can do is turn their main page into a giant advertisement. Bare that in mind as we continue.

Profit Trading Bot content amounts to less than a single page on a word document, half of which is the risk disclaimer. Their first and best chance to showcase their product amounts to three short paragraphs that say nothing at all. Not encouraging.

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Who is Profit Trading Bot?

Profit Trading Bot has no connection to any registered company that we could find… and we’re good at this stuff. The site itself recently had a make-over, and actually now features less information and no video. The reason for this is that the original profit Trading Bot site was identical to another suspected scam site that has been outed by thousands of comments and claims of scam. The owners simply repackage the failing scam site with just a simple name change to avoid the bad reviews.

This was an easy spot for Scam-Rank, so Profit Trading Bot changed their site in a hurry and through together the one simple and unconvincing page they have today.

The Profit Trading Bot Software

Building an artificial intelligence software that can predict stock market movements is an amazing achievement, and yet we cannot find any I.T. people laying claim to the success. The site gives no software specifications at all. No clues as to what it is, what it does, or how it does it. We couldn’t even find information about what systems it is compatible with. Windows, IOS, and Android do not feature this as a download in their respective stores. In other words, it very likely doesn’t exist.

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Final Overview

Let’s get to the point. We at Scam-Rank do NOT recommend Profit Trading Bot. Scam sites keep moving, changing names, and Profit Trading Bot is following this very revealing behavior. The company is non-existent, the software itself is more mysterious than the Bermuda triangle, and the lack of any real identities is just too much to ignore.

Don’t let scammers discourage you. They are only trying to cash in on success and popularity of legitimate trading tools and brokers. Trading can make an excellent source of additional income, but you really need to be careful. We strongly recommend you stick to brokers with proven track records.

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  • No immediate deposit requirement
  • No available confirmation of a working software
  • No verifiable company or related people
  • Lack of content and information
  •  A strong association with a suspected scam site
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