Is The Push Money App a Scam?



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Who wouldn’t want to be rich or a have sustainable income? (Everyone DOES!) Can the Push Money App help you or is it a scam playing with your deep desires?

If you’ve checked out the Push Money App system, it might be hard for you to tell if such a system is real. However, if you’re a detailed person, you’ve probably already figured out there is suspicious activity on the website. Our experts have uncovered some shocking facts you should know about the Push Money App software.

Over the past few months, numerous trading systems have launched telling tall tales of earning unlimited amounts of money for users. Some trading robot brands claim they spend years or months coming up with a profitable trading tool. Sad to say, a majority of online auto trading systems have been exploited as scams. People often lose their investment because they believe in these massive money promises and guaranteed earnings. Not to mention, many naïve traders fall for the lifestyle and luxury goods that run through the video, thinking that they have been made by the advertised trading robot.

But, do such profitable systems exist?

Yes, they do. Many professional traders are benefiting from the services they bring forward. Binary options trading is gaining a lot of buzz due to its simplicity and ease of getting started. Many people are opting for trading robots to start streaming profits into their accounts as they have become more accessible.  High-quality trading robots don’t guarantee you profits because it’s not possible. The control of making profits lies in your hands with the trading robots help. You receive the right trading signals and then robot places them based on trending data. However, it’s important you’re using a reliable trading tool and not just another hoax system.

SCAM RESULTS: Based on our investigation and the disturbing results we found, we cannot recommend Push Money App as a safe binary robot. The highly suspicious profile of the trading robot appears to have many characteristics of an online scam. However, we cannot say 100% if it’s a fraudulent system. The only thing we advise is that you watch your back and keep your wallets closed. The performance rate is disappointing and everything that’s on the website appears fake.

If you’re looking for more reliable alternatives, you might want to check our list of the best trading robots in the industry.

Push Money App Scam Review


The Push Money App claims to be a real forward-thinking method that will reel in profits for you. This sounds like a great deal to the online trading community, so our team thought it’d be appropriate to validate its claims and make sure it’s a credible system. The Push Money App is a binary options trading formula created in 2016 by Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan. What this system states to do differently, besides provide signals and help investors, is that it supposedly does all the work for the trader. ThePush MoneyApp guarantees real earnings if you follow its given directions and trust it do all the work for you.

So is the Push Money App a  scam or legit system? After a thorough examination, we do not have consistent evidence that these assurances are actually achieved by this system. We strongly suggest you move onto another system that has been tested to work.

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PushMoney App Scam To Be Avoided?

The Push Money App is free as a tool, but you must first open an account with a broker and fund your account with the minimum deposit. It is up to you to utilize this tool or not. The software itself uses algorithms derived from available market data to generate potential financial outcomes. Presently, we were not able to find real investors making profits using this tool. According to PushMoney App, there are a set of instructions a trader must follow to achieve desired profits, but we have found that the results are very poor.

Scam-Rank’s team of financial experts suggests you avoid this system until it can be deemed safe. Right now it’s in muddy waters, as we tested it by executing minimum trades and came up with disappointing results. Our profit outcomes were not even close to the website’s claims and the system was not adequate enough to do all the work for to create great returns. Additionally, the PushMoneyApp reviews are negative, its scam behavior has burnt many holes in investor pockets. Push Money App

The Cost to Use Push Money App

If you look at it from one perspective, the tool itself doesn’t cost anything. And you should be aware, that most automated trading software nowadays are free-of-charge. However, to activate this tool you must start trading, which means you have to fund your account with the minimum amount of $250. You will also have to choose one of the brokers they work with to open an account. After you go through this initial procedure will you gain access to download the Push Money App software that will conduct trades on your behalf.

 How Does Push Money App Work?

There is really no difference compared to other binary options auto trading systems. It completes the same procedures such as validating the trader’s accounts and attempts to find profitable marketing situations in order to execute your trades, also known as the auto pilot mode.

A word of warning though, as written on the Push Money App website: If you don’t follow their directions, your investment could be lost. This does not make it ideal for beginners just starting out as this system makes it risky for novices. The Push Money App reviews show that novice traders feel as though they have been tricked into signing up since it’s not beginner-friendly. Many have tried finding the legit phone number of the app to get immediate assistance, yet their number seems not to work all the time.

Should you join a trading software that doesn’t have a customer service number? Or even a support team at all? We’d advise you not to unless you want to be stuck. If you are looking for a real trading robot that’s used by professionals, take a look at our growing list of recommended bots.

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Push Money App Software Download

If you are still interested in risking your investment with the PushMoney App software, we only caution you. The steps to join are simple however, we warn you could be at risk.

  • Sign up Free– open an account with one of their recommended brokers that is not regulated, include the minimum deposit of $250 in order to login into the Push Money App tool.
  • Execute a Trade – in a few minutes your login account will be verified and Push Money App will begin trading binary options for you. Our team saw that signals were generated at random and in just 2 hours, our account emptied out.
  • Withdrawal Procedure– if you ever make real earnings from the software, contact the assigned broker for details as every broker’s withdrawal process varies. However, the partnered brokers are not legit nor reputable in the industry. Other reviewers have them blacklisted.

Any Special Features?

Our team has provided plenty of reasons why the Push Money App trading performance is unsatisfactory and its features are no different than other average models on the market. Just like its competitors, it operates automatically when trading options, but it lacks additional features like reverse trading or stop-loss. Therefore, you cannot manage your losses or risks as soon as you activate the software. All-in-all, Push Money App does not offer any special features to its clients to improve their strategy. We know of better trading robot alternatives that include all the necessary features to maximize your investment.

 The Final Conclusion

riskOur investigation results indicate that although the Push Money App system may not be a 100% hoax, it’s not a safe tool for maximizing profits. There haven’t been any reported real earnings from genuine users who have accessed the software, which makes their customer reviews appear fake. The website appears a just a big trap. The company details are not legit and everyone seems just to be a paid performing artist reciting the same scripts from other scams. There are too many negative reviews and also our readers who have tried the software (before this review) reported

There are too many negative reviews and also our readers who have tried the software (before this review) reported that Push Money App is a money loss system. Push Money App’s offers may continue to attract victim traders so that’s why we are putting a major warning sign on the Push Money App system.  

Overall, the Push Money App software is being misleading with the facts our experts have exploited. Unless we find real positive feedback from actual users who have used the Push Money App system and generated profits – it’s not one you should trust. If you are serious about trading binary options, then we suggest you completely turn your back on Push Money App or else you could be voluntarily throwing away your money.

  • $250 Min. Deposit
  • Web-Based Platform
  • Brokers are Not Legit – No Guaranteed Withdrawal
  • Not Proven Profit Results
  • Signals Are At Random
  • No Customer Support
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