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Binary options trading is known to be a fast-paced industry where accuracy and speed are of high importance. That’s why an accurate trading robot is necessary to keep up with the market and help you profit. A new launch, the Quantum Code trading software claims to be the the only system to trade an unheard of speed.

Does the Quantum Code “know the future” 100% of the time? Unlimited profits forever and ever? Millions of dollars your first month trading? Any experienced binary options trader may tell you the Quantum Code is BS, based on these claims. However, we don’t just go by online hearsay. Our team of binary trading professionals investigates trading software, just like the Quantum Code, down to its core.

So, is the Quantum Code a legit system or is it another well-constructed scam? You’ve come to the right place for an honest review.

According to our investigative report, we cannot recommend the Quantum Code software due to our shocking findings. Scam-Rank tries its best to keep readers inform and protected from potential binary options scams lurking on the internet. Make sure to always read our unbiased reviews to never get tricked by other online trading scams.

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The Quantum Code Review

When landing on the official Quantum Code Ltd. website, you are welcomed by the founder and CEO of the company Michael Crawford. The founder introduces the Quantum Code app as one of the most advanced automated trading software for binary options trading that trades “near quantum speed”. Crawford further states to have been featured in well-known financial magazines such as Forbes.

The Quantum Code is a new trading software that claims to scan the markets at rapid speed and place profitable trades automatically for the user. By doing so, it beats the markets and has a 0% loss ratio. You are guaranteed to make $50,000 in your first week of trading with 0% risk. Basically, the Quantum Code software copies other traders’ winning strategy on the platform in order to get the same strike rate for all its users. At the moment, the Quantum Code is free and users will have access to the members’ area when they log in. Should you believe all this information? Is the Quantum Code a scam?

Read this 100% HONEST review to find out if the Quantum Code is ripping you off or if it is true that you can make you a million dollars in a month.

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The Quantum Code Exposed – Real or Fake?

First and foremost, we thought it’s in your best interest to have some real facts about Mr. Crawford from the start. Our online research shows that the Quantum Code founder, Michael Crawford has never been featured in Forbes magazine. However, if you do search yourself in Forbes, you will find an article by Michael B. Crawford who has NO relation to binary options trading – and no relation to the Quantum Code app. There appears to be a fake claim from the CEO from the get-go. Also, if you google the founder’s, you’ll see he is also the founder of Terran Capitals, which appears to be a complete scam according to user reviews. Many times greedy scammers try to gain credibility by stating they’ve been featured in various financial magazines and also abuse the Wall Street’s reputable name.


The Quantum Code app further explains that it copies trades from its members and automatically applies them to all member trading accounts in order to ensure everyone makes money. How can the software guarantee that the trades being copied are actually not losing trades? For instance, if the Quantum Code Inc. system just follows any random trader executing trades, and they are executing losing traders, then there would be a loss. Based on our experience, any trading system that says it’s 100% accurate usually is a scam. The Quantum Code system is making major promises yet has many negative customer reviews. The online complaints report that the trading system is not actually profitable and that the initial trading deposit is lost within minutes of applying the Quantum Code trading robot.

Based on just these facts alone, how can traders trust the Quantum Code software? This made our team suspicious from the beginning of the scam investigation. If this has made you nervous about your investment, we believe you are in the right. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a more trusted and honest trading robot that is gaining much credibility and it won’t have you questioning your investment. 

What Is The Quantum Code?

The Quantum Code Ltd. system is a one of the latest auto trading software that is developed and presented by the CEO Michael Crawford and his team of professionals. It’s a trading robot that operates at quantum speed with its algorithms making the best and most profitable for trades (or so it says). It further claims, that it always makes winning trade maneuvers and comes with 0% risk.

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Supposedly, you’ll make your first $10,000 the same day you sign in and join the Quantum Code program. Actually, because the trading software uses what Crawford says, “quantum code”, you’ll be making an unlimited amount of profits forever. These are very compelling statements and many new traders might fall victim to such impressive claims, however, be careful.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 2016: Currently, there is no trading robot on the market that can perform 100% accurate trades and forecast the stock market. This is a fact and even the biggest financial powers don’t have the automated software to place trades that are always accurate. Accuracy rates should be reasonable and realistic. See more trading systems that can help you earn real profits trading binary options.

The Quantum Code Team

The Quantum Code Inc. Company team is comprised of the founder Michael Crawford and a team of various experts. Mr. Crawford claims to have had a successful career as a Wall Street trader that earned his clients loads of money with the help of special trading software. After many years of earning money for others, he decided to officially develop the software with a team of colleagues at the time, which led to the formation of the Quantum Code Company. The founder claims that the software became better year after year with the help of his development team.

However, there are few things that should be going through your mind. How legit is the Quantum Code team? Who are they? When we investigate developers and their teams, we definitely look at their qualifications and profiles to verify they are legit. If you notice in the official website video, the team’s induvial names are never released – but, why? If the founder is not the only once that contributed to the software’s success, then why hold back the names of the team members? Probably because there is no team. At least, this is the opinion of our trading experts that have evaluated many binary scams.

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How The Quantum Code Works?

The Quantum Code app taps into the market and analyzes the ongoing trends, then based on the information it gathers, it decides a trading strategy and works based on an algorithm. According to the Quantum or website (Why there is more than 1 is a good question), the founder says it makes these extremely complex calculations at “(NQS) near quantum speed”. In order to access the Quantum Code’s technology, all you have to do is download it for free, fund your trading account and the money-making process should begin automatically.

The founder states that the software works faster than any human trader, machine or software out on the market. Michael Crawford’s statement about how the app works is not something truly impressive, and we’ll explain why. There are different trading software that performs at various trading speeds, depending on the technology they are using. Michael Crawford’s claim stating that the Quantum Code is the only software that performs at high-speed – is false. We have actually reviewed and ranked another high-performing trading system that actually performs at a better trading rate due to its advanced customizable algorithms.

Trading decisions need to be made in a fraction of a second, so any delay can cause losses. The Quantum Code claims to be the fastest binary options trading system around but, our trial runs show delays in the trading process. This obviously disproves the founder’s promise and claimed accuracy rate being reliable.

How Much Does the Quantum Code App Cost?

The founder is provided free access to the Quantum Code system and is welcoming beta testers to sign up. So there is no price for the Quantum Code app if you decide to proceed. Also, it’s worth noting that they also don’t offer a demo account for any traders that just want to try it out and test it. There is the traditional countdown widget that we find on most scams, however, we cannot fully guarantee the Quantum Code is a 100% scam. The sign-up process to join the program follows most standard trading robots in the industry and the fact it’s free also makes it look legit.

However, after proceeding to the assigned brokers, we checked to see if these binary options brokers have a good reputation. Unfortunately, it appears the brokers are not licensed nor registered by any authoritative authority, which could challenge you in withdrawing your earnings. Also, the brokers that are working with the app don’t have great online feedback in forums that are discussing the Quantum Code system and its performance. Usually, illegitimate brokers and trading robots go hand in hand. It appears as thought the Quantum Code is not genuine for binary trading. For this reason, we highly advise you to be careful in proceeding with the Quantum Code software, as you could be at tremendous risk.

The Final Verdict

riskSo, is the Quantum Code a true scam? After carefully reviewing and spending countless hours investigating the software, the final verdict shows that the Quantum Code trading system may not be safe for traders. The idea that it copies trades from other traders makes it very risky and there is no proof to show that it has never lost a trade. Additionally, the no-loss in trading and 0% risk seem too far-fetched and we suggest you don’t buy into these claims. This appears just to be made up by the founder and his team as there is no online evidence or info to prove the Quantum Code’s winning strike.

The Quantum Code software does not seem to perform any faster than other trading robots we have reviewed. There were numerous delays in trade executions when the robot took the lead which resulted in our team losing the initial deposit. Other credible trading reviews have stated the same exact results, which leads us to believe that the software may not be real. There are too many suspicions that the Quantum Code system is a scam based on real users’ reviews, thus we advise you to steer clear and look at safer auto trading robots.

  • Automatically Executes Trades
  • Web-Based Platform
  • No Authentic Winning Record
  • False 0% Risk
  • Founder Makes Fake Claims
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