Is Quantum Code a Scam?


Check out this review of The Quantum Code and see if $50,000 per week is possible.
Read this revealing review of The Quantum Code and get the facts that answers the question, is The Quantum Code software a scam?

So, is the Quantum Code a legit system or is it another well-constructed scam? Scam-Rank keep traders informed and protected from potential binary options scams lurking on the internet. Not all Robots are scams, but they all seem to be following a marketing profile which is making it easy for us to identify. Don’t give up hope. There are safe and legitimate ways to make money online. If you are serious about trading and would like to improve your trading performance and refine your investment instincts at the same time, have a look at these trusted Robots that have been screened and deemed effective trading tools by Scam-Rank and many other reputable and verifiable sources.

 The Quantum Code Review

When landing on the official Quantum Code website, you are welcomed by the founder and CEO of the company Michael Crawford. The founder introduces the Quantum Code app as one of the most advanced automated trading robots that trades at “near quantum speed”. Crawford further states to have been featured in well-known financial magazines such as Forbes, but we’ll get back to that in a second. He also claims that The Quantum Code can scan the markets at rapid speed and place profitable trades automatically for the user. They say you are guaranteed to make $50,000 in your first week of trading with 0% risk.

That gut feeling saying it is too good to be true is serving you well. Scams have a very common theme, some are very clever and manage to fool a lot of people, but any robot claiming 0% losses and guaranteeing anything (especially the ridiculous 50K in a week) are blatant scams that should be avoided. These days, there are so many legitimate robots to choose from. The markets are changing rapidly so those not updating the algorithms are losing a footing, but serious developers are continuously revising the market factors to keep trading performance in the upper 80% to lower 90%. No legitimate Robot would dare to claim 0% risk.

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How can we be sure?

First and foremost, we thought it’s in your best interest to have some real facts about Mr. Crawford from the start. Our online research shows that the Quantum Code founder, Michael Crawford has never been featured in Forbes magazine. However, if you do search yourself in Forbes, you will find an article by Michael B. Crawford who has NO relation to binary options trading – and no relation to the Quantum Code app. A fake claim from the CEO from the get-go… there’s more. If you google the founder’s, you’ll see he is also the founder of Terran Capitals, which appears to be a complete scam according to user reviews. Many times greedy scammers try to gain credibility by stating they’ve been featured in various financial magazines and also abuse Wall Street’s reputable name.


What Kind of company would use or need a fake CEO? Hmm…

Does The Quantum Code Exist?

Just a decade ago every investment firm had armies of analysts crunching numbers to create signals. The signals were emailed to the traders and acted on. Today’s awesome computer power and online trading platforms make all this possible to anyone with a laptop and an internet connection.

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The Quantum Code system is said to operate at quantum speed with the help of algorithms making the best and most profitable trades (or so it says). However, there are few things that should be going through your mind. How legit is the Quantum Code team? Who are they? When we investigate developers and their teams, we definitely look at their qualifications and profiles to verify they are legit. If you notice in the official website video, the team’s individual names are never released – but, why? If the founder is not the only once that contributed to the software’s success, then why hold back the names of the team members?

The Final Verdict

So, is the Quantum Code a true scam? We at Scam-Rank absolutely do not recommend or endorse The Quantum Code. The idea that it copies trades from other traders makes it very risky and there is no proof to show that it has never lost a trade. Additionally, the no-loss in trading and 0% risk seem too far-fetched and we suggest you don’t buy into these claims. With So many trusted robots that have proven track records and excellent performance levels, the idea of considering The Quantum Code is Ludicrous.

Trading is the fastest growing industry that allows people to make money from home. Legitimate robots will improve your results dramatically, but don’t expect 10K per day.  Trade safe, be smart, and you absolutely can make money online.

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  • Automatically Executes Trades
  • Web-Based Platform
  • No Authentic Winning Record
  • False 0% Risk
  • Founder Makes Fake Claims
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