Is Quantum Income Machine a Scam?


The Quantum income machine scam exposed.
Who is Julia Burke?
Where is the quantum income machine company?
Check out this quantum income machine review and get the facts.

We reviewed Quantum Income Machine and it didn’t take us long to realize that even with the impressive cinematography work from Julia and her crew, they were frauds.

We do NOT endorse or recommend Quantum Income Machine in any way and highly suggest that you keep your hard earned money away from websites like this one. We do not recognize Quantum Income Machine as a trading tool of any sort and urge you to check our list of recommended Robots before you get burnt with sneaky money making schemes like Quantum Income Machine.

The Quantum Income Machine Review

The landing page of Quantum Income Machine features a 45-minute long marathon video where the spokesperson, Julia Burke claims to have made millions of dollars using this platform alone. She tries to make her claim look very convincing by giving us a tour of her home, even introducing the audience to two kids. Julia claimed she’s one of the top ten richest women in Portland, Oregon area but when we tried to look her up … you guessed it right, we couldn’t find any rich Julia Burke from metro Portland area. We didn’t stop there, we decided to do some more digging and tried to see if there’s indeed any thread of truth to this algorithmic binary options ‘software’ at all.

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Quantum Income Machine Up Close

When entering an email address we got an error message from the site.

Already out of business? Also, notice the grammar. A reputable website usually won’t have typos even in their error messages. Let’s look beyond this as often these sites use cheap hosting and will go down from time to time. I decided to take one step further and see what their customers had to say online.

What People are saying about Quantum Income Machine

A quick search of the internet says it all, so we’re not going to go into detail. Basically, anyone who fell for …Julia??? ended up blasting comments with the word scam, hoax, and other words a little too graphic for this review. We could not find a single comment that cast a positive light on Quantum Income Machine, other than their website.

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What is Quantum Income Machine?

According to the enormous video, Quantum Income Machine offers you access to their exclusive software ‘completely free’ but only after you make a $250 deposit. The website starts out stating that there are only seven spots available to start making money with them. As per reports from other users online, the number of open slots stays the same even after someone signs up. They always have seven spots remaining no matter how many people they scam.

Quantum Income Machine Software

We did some web search on Quantum Income Machine and discovered a staggering amount of scam stories. There was no evidence of a legit software ever published under this name.

However, the website claims to match up to a $1000 starting deposit as a bonus, encouraging users to put as much as $1000. Do not expect to see any of your money back if you decide to deposit money on this website.


In short, we were not able to verify any credibility of Julia Burke or her business. There was an absence of any product specifications and they don’t have any social media presence whatsoever. Historically, this sort of website tends to target people who are just starting out on the web. It’s probably very obvious that Scam-Rank is NOT going to endorse Quantum Income Machine for unverifiable claims and a partly non-functional website.

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  • No immediate Deposit request
  • No confirmed company
  • All identities fake
  • No evidence to support the existence of the software
  • Suspicious history
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