is Signal Hive A Scam?


Check out this review of Signal Hive and see the truth about this very convincing site.
Is Signal Hive software a scam? Read this revealing review of Signal Hive and get the facts.

There are several ways to make money online; it could be through freelancing, Forex trading or even binary trading. Most times, in the quest to finding the right software, product, or information people end up falling victim to the numerous scams that now common. This has caused a lot of people to lose their hard-earned money to these shady sites and made them disillusioned about the prospect of making money online. If your aim is to make money online, then our recommendation is for you to stay with the approved robots that have passed with flying colors despite an intense grilling from Scam-Rank.

Is the Signal Hive software Successful?

Signal Hive is not one of the latest binary options signal providers, although it was launched again recently. The platform can be accessed through a website application on the internet using a distinct username and password that Signal Hive generates for users. They say Signal Hive is leading the field with good signals that boast a win rate of more than 80%, but this is quite far-fetched as our team of investigators has discovered.

The clear and straightforward design of the Signal Hive website is catchy and can lure an unsuspecting. Just because the interface of a platform like Signal Hive is eye-catching, it does not, in any way, imply that the services offered therein are genuine or professional. In fact, the creators have even gone ahead and offered an option where users have the choice of selecting streams of real human traders, though that means you will have to part with more of your hard-earned money.

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Signal Hive claims to be an auto trading robot. The software is said to obtain signal services used in binary trading for the purpose of making money online, but right from the registration process on the platform, you will begin to suspect foul play. The disappointing fact is that traders on forums are angrily reporting that the signals are not going beyond 60% winning rate. When we discovered Signal Hive, our professional Team of Binary Signals Testers created an account on the Signal Hive platform and proceeded to check its claim of signal accuracy for two weeks. At the end of 10 working days, our Binary Signal Testers had lost only eight trades, about 70% trades and 22% of the trades were not even executed.

Another disturbing issue we had was the trading table showing recent signals.

The screenshot was taken on a Monday evening, which means trades were occurring over the weekend. Whether mistake or misleading, it wasn’t a very good indicator, especially that the fake trading table is a very scam-favorite.

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Our team of investigators, after a thorough investigation, have come to the conclusion that Signal Hive is not worth using as a binary trading signal. There are better trading signals out there, much better than Signal Hive. The questionable table and the fact that they use slideshows in their video tutorials doesn’t inspire confidence either. Although we cannot fully confirm the legitimacy of Signal Hive, our research has revealed that lots of traders are not satisfied with the way Signal Hive operates or its alleged capability. Since we cannot verify the originality of Signal Hive, we cannot endorse Signal Hive and recommend that you chose one of the trusted robots that have a proven track records and frequently updated algorithms.

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  • No deposit required straight away
  • Manipulated or false performance tables
  • No visual evidence of any software existing
  • No company addresses or business license
  • No reference to ownership or history


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