Is the Singapore Method a Scam?


Check out this review of The Singapore Method
Is The Singapore Method software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The Singapore Method and get the facts.

What’s the truth behind the Singapore Method aka Malay Method? Is Jack Shen really giving you $10K to get started? Or is it all just lies to get you to deposit money?

If something is too good to be true – it probably is. Luckily, you stumbled upon this review, and hopefully, we can save binary traders the trouble of making a terrible mistake.

First off, let’s clear up any misconceptions new traders may have. Binary options trading is not a scam. However, you must look for a trading tool that can help guide you in the decision-making process of binary trading opportunities. It also may be a good idea to put in a bit of effort to learn more about online investing to reap higher profit margins. Many new traders start out by earning a few hundred dollars a day, but the more experience you gain, the higher the income.

However, it’s a shame that binary trading tools are misunderstood. The strong demand for finding reliable auto-traders has lead to many scam systems developing software that tricks investors. The industry is over saturated with trading tools that don’t deliver promised results and cause a bad name for binary options trading. We understand the discouragement some investors may experience along the way, but some great trading tools have been proven to help you in your trading strategy. So don’t fret!

We aim to protect our readers from falling for binary scams, and it appears that the Singapore Method aka Malay Method does not have your best interest. If you’re keen on learning all the details and facts about the Singapore Method, read this unbiased review before signing up.

SCAM RESULTS: As far as our team is concerned the Singapore Method smells fishy stuff and red flags all over this system. It is advised you avoid the Singapore Method as its claims are over exaggerated and is full of negative reviews. It’s strongly encouraged you opt for an alternative trading tool or use the Singapore Method at Your Own Risk!

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The Singapore Method by Jake Shen, Review 

Here’s another binary options trading system that crossed our path in the online trading sphere. It is called the Singapore Method System or otherwise known as the Malay Method, created by Jake Shen. The founder claims that he’ll give you $10,000 to start, but it’s hard to believe that someone would just give you that much money to start up. The Singapore Method is an auto trading tool that claims to be capable of analyzing a vast amount of assets, signals, and market trends. Then, all you have to do is click a few buttons and witness your profits roll in. The founder claims that his software offers a 100% success rate. As any experienced trader knows, this is unlikely as there is no binary trading system that can be entirely accurate every single time.

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Also, it is very confusing how the Mr. Jack Shen has three websites: Why so many websites? Good question. Our team of scam experts dives deeper into the matter further in the Singapore Method scam review.

Is this really a new innovative binary software for private investors? Is the Singapore Method just another bogus trading system from an online scam? Or is it legit? Keep reading to learn the truth if the Singapore Method is a real or scam system.

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The Singapore Method – Is it a Scam or Not?

Our investigation shows that the voice of Jack Shen in the video presentation appears to be a fabricated figure just reading a voice script.  You never actually meet the founder besides seeing him in what seems to be a stock image if you do a Google Search.

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Also, all the bank statements cannot be proven are probably bogus since no real user seems to be complimenting the Singapore Method. We have come across more scam reviews warning against the Singapore Method and promoting it. The website also uses the traditional pressure sales tactic to push visitors to sign up. We advise you don’t make any rash decisions because if you re-visit the page a couple of days later, the same spots are available. Many scammers integrate this widget to appear scarce and pressure investors into funding their accounts. So, it’s not a “secret” as it is available to all.

TIP: Traders should recognize that reliable trading tools don’t rush you. You can sign up anytime you are ready to begin generating additional income.

Furthermore, after proceeding through the sign-up process, the Singapore Method binary options software entails brokers that don’t have the best online reputation. The affiliated brokers have a status of being untrustworthy and unethical in the industry. This is not a good sign!

Due to all these facts we dug up; we are not comfortable recommending the Singapore Method as a reliable trading software. If you are on the search for a tool to help your binary options trades, there are some great options to consider that are approved and can help you earn $250 to $350 a day as a beginner.

Is The Singapore Method System Really 100% Accurate?

After searching the web for real reviews and analyzing the site’s resources, there is no information about how the software helps you makes such big profits. Just because the creator, Jack Shen states it uses a sophisticated algorithm for trading does mean anything. Most binary options trading systems use such calculations to derive profitable opportunities. However, some automated trading systems are more accurate than others. Bear in mind; there is not such binary trading solution that is bullet-proof. If you are looking for a reliable trading tool, then you should know that a success rate of up to 88% is acceptable (and extremely good).

Overall, the Singapore Method fails the test of explaining how it goes about accessing relevant factors to find such opportune trades. It also states that there is no risk with its excellent accuracy rate, but these sound just like lies. It’s a very common marketing tactic for fraudulent systems to try to guarantee you profits and promise complete accuracy. Not even the top financial firms in the world can find trading software that is always right. There is no fault in the technology, but the markets fluctuate, and it’s the nature of investing. For this reason, our team raises their eyebrows and cannot support the Singapore method.

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What Does The Singapore Method System Cost?

If you are still considering joining the Singapore Method, be very cautious. The website claims the software is free-of-charge, but there is a possibility of never making money.

When you join, you access the Singapore Method trading system for free. There is a caveat: you must open a trading account with one of their unregulated brokers and deposit $300. Although this is a common practice and is necessary to begin trading actually to begin profiting, we have our doubts.

The question is will you make profits with an unreliable, unsafe or even new broker? In our experience, most times no and you may lose your deposit altogether. Depending if you are looking to lose your hard-earned money, we suggest you steer clear. Try an approved binary trading system that works with reputable binary options brokers.

Should You Try the Singapore Method?

Honestly, we see no advantages to using this binary trading system. We do not urge you to open an account with them – unless you want a high risk of losing. There are no unique features to the Singapore Method trading system. It works on autopilot and entails a 24/7 customer service team, which are unresponsive. We called the support team as this is part of our ranking factors and we they failed to pass the test. This can cause a lot of frustration for a user, especially when you have a question or a concern and you can’t get a hold of a customer support member.

It’s advised you don’t waste your precious energy or money in the Singapore Method because there is no proof that it works.

The Final Verdict

riskUnfortunately, there is an absurd amount of fake binary trading software on the web that may discourage many interested individuals from online investing. The good news is that there are binary platforms that aren’t bogus or misleading – it just depends on how you go about your research and who you trust. Our binary robot reviews are just straight shooters with the facts individuals need to know before they sign up with any dangerous auto-trader like the Singapore or Malay Method.

To sum it all up for anyone interested in the Singapore Method, we have concluded that this binary robot is not 100% safe and secure for interested traders.

The developers behind the trading software fail to provide transparency to be accredited as legit. The robot appears to have too many flaws and is promising bogus profits. It’s encouraged not to trust the Singapore Method system and opt for a more transparent binary trading system.

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  • Simple Sign-Up Procedure
  • Easy to Navigate Website
  • $10,000 Offer is Bogus
  • Website Testimonials Have No Credibility
  • Founder is Linked to the Malay Method Scam
  • 100% Success Rate is Impossible
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