Is SnapCash Binary a Scam?


Check out this review of SnapCash Binary.
Is SnapCash Binary software a scam?
Read this revealing review of SnapCash Binary and get the facts.

The CashSnap Binary a scam? Can you make $1200 cash in a snap? This is a pre-warning not to join Snap Cash Binary software by Austin Ford – until you’ve read this review!

There’s a new auto-trader on our radar claiming it can make you millions in no time flat. Should you believe it? If you’ve read any of our tips on how to recognize the best binary robots on the market – you’ll realize that CashSnap Binary may not be a promising choice. We’ve also been asked by our subscribers if CashSnap Binary has anything to do with Snap Chat. The answer is NO, so don’t get confused. They’re totally not related.

It’s frustrating to see that there are binary trading software out there making far-fetched claims about online investing. The truth is that YES, you can make rewarding income trading binary options. And NO, it won’t happen in 5 minutes when you sign up for an automated system. There is much misleading information on the web as many times, scam robots are just selling you lies to compel you to deposit your money with their program. So make sure you stay on top with the latest releases on binary options robots to ensure you don’t get tricked!

For serious interested in getting a head start in binary trading, robots are like a secret weapon. You use them to help your decision making and to optimize your strategy. This means better profit-earning potentials with less effort. Most experienced traders vouch that these binary signals and algorithmic trading methods are god-sent. Less time as researching and analyzing the markets – MORE time maximizing your returns. Isn’t this the mission of technology? Absolutely! The same core value exists in reliable auto-traders.

With no further ado…

SCAM RESULTS OVERVIEW: As we’ve already established, CashSnap Binary has no relation to Snap Chat, there seems to be no relation to easy income as well. Our investigation shows that Snap Cash Binary is another possible scam on the loose to leave you with empty pockets. The ITM ratio is unrealistic and non-existent in the industry, therefore don’t expect to get rich when they say. There is also no proof on anyone making tons of money with the Snap Cash Binary software. Therefore, we encourage you to keep your money to yourself!

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SnapCash Binary Review – What’s The Story?

The Snap Cash Binary software system was launched by a chap named Austin Ford. The founder is apparently a former coder and software engineer who found a loophole in the market to generate millions of dollars with easy trades. He claims to have made 2 random people rich after recruiting them as beta testers. Austin funded these people with $250 and next thing you know, they made thousands. If SnapCash Binary is used correctly, can you benefit? Don’t hold your breathe.

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According to our investigation, the Snap Cash Binary system is not comprised of any special or unique features that will give you a leg up. It does the same thing as any other decent auto-trader on the market except it pitches a high ITM ratio (success rate).  The website claims that the Snap Cash Binary system offers a 96% win-rate. Although you may be thinking that “Ok, it’s not 100%, therefore may be SnapCash Binary is legit”, this is not the case. Find out the truth after reading the evidence our experts uncovered in this Snap Cash Binary review.

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What is The SnapCash Binary Software?

The Snap Cash Binary system claims to be a new solution that makes trading a walk in the park. The founder claims you can become rich after using the SnapCash Binary software for binary trading. It’s an automated binary robot that when activated, finds trading signals and executes trades on your behalf. We are not sure exactly how, though, since the description is vague on the site and the general web doesn’t offer many details as well. The founder goes on to talk about how the system has a 96% ITM rate and it’s a secure tool to use for anyone starting binary options trading.

Let’s get our ducks in a row, just based on the basic information. It’s is without a doubt known that no system can achieve a 96% trading accuracy – not in your wildest dreams. So how is Austin Ford promising you such a claim? Probably because it’s not the truth. But it sounds nice to our ears.

Is SnapCash Binary Software a Scam or Not?

So maybe you’re a bit confused. You may have come across some positive reviews, but the SnapCash Binary software features don’t qualify according to the criteria listed on how to spot a good binary robot. Many times, scam software pay their way to a good review yet when you read real customer reviews – it’s a totally different story. This seems evident in the SnapCash Binary system. You’ll find some praise from critiques and then horror stories from real users. We don’t take sides of a binary robot but try just to present the facts you should know about before joining one.

The website claims that you can make $1,200 in a day with its automated signals. Our experts seemed to fail after trying the app for 6 days. Day in, day out, we couldn’t actually win anything above change. When we did it ourselves (manually) without the trading robots help, it was tremendously better.  So does the SnapCash Binary software work? Or is it just made up of wrong signals to help you lose money? The SnapCash Binary app seems to just generate random signals as opposed to real calculated binary signals.

So, who is Austin Ford? Sounds like a real legit name and he does a pretty interesting video presentation. Apparently, he’s the founder of the SnapCash Binary software system. Well, according to our research, we couldn’t find a trace of him being the creator of this money-making software. Even more so, no company seems to exist. It looks like he’s a professional actor from Portland, Oregan after we found his acting portfolio.

Does SnapCash Binary Work?

Well, just scanning this picture, you’re eyes might see that there are no dates in the screen shot. Sure, names can be manipulated if you know any simple coding for websites like Bank of America. Maybe Austin used his coding background to change the bank statement around.


Are there real beta-testers making a legit income with SnapCash Binary? In the presentation video, Austin pulls a couple of “random” people to test his trading software. There is nothing more compelling that pulling real people of the streets to try a money-making system. He tells them they will make thousands as soon as they start and fund $250. In the video, of course, they would profit – if they lost, it wouldn’t be shown. The overall, video looks a bit set up and is trying too hard to convince you. Reliable automated trading systems should just sell themselves; you shouldn’t have to push someone to trade.

We did try the SnapCash Binary software ourselves since we found it strange that there were positive reviews yet customer complaints. So what better than to validate it ourselves. The sign-up process was simple. However, the list of binary options brokers were brands we’d recommend. Some of the brokers are unheard off which made us feel very uncomfortable. There wasn’t anything claiming an honest broker supporting the Snap Cash Binary software. Nonetheless, this is test money, and we try systems to share results with our review readers. WELL, it wasn’t a shocker that we lost our deposit within hours. $250 down the drain, and we couldn’t’ not win it back. Our experts have a combined 15 years+ experience trading options, and there was no way the SnapCash Binary robot was helping. We had to de-activate it! It appears that 96% is not the real ITM rate, so don’t risk your investment.

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The SnapCash Binary Website – Looks Like Other Scam Sites

Just another side note here if you are still not sure if the SnapCash Binary system is a scam or not. It’s important to consider the IP address of websites that have scam behavior. Some fraudulent systems do a good job covering their tracks but overlook the small details.


Look at the image below and you’ll see that the SnapCash Binary site is connected to other scam systems floating on the web.


It appears to have connections to other scam systems like Lucrosa and Free Money System. Should you trust a software that has ties to other scam auto-traders? We’d strongly advise you just turn your back on SnapCash Binary and consider better legit auto trading robots. Why take chances?

The Final Verdict

riskCombining all the facts there are about the SnapCash Binary software, we don’t think there is even one honest word on the website. Not to mention the video and the relation to other scam websites – it’s pretty clear that danger is ahead. Although the SnapCash Binary app may only require a small deposit, you probably won’t see it again. Our experiment was a failure and real customer reviews are showing the same.

Even if you’ve come across positive published reviews, don’t believe everything you read. They are most likely paid affiliates just gaining a commission from the brands they’re promoting. They should  know better than to give readers misleading information. YES, these binary reviewers know $1,200 is not practical in a day based on a minimum investment – especially for a newbie.

We only advise you don’t get discouraged our fellow traders. We have reviewed a few great trading robots that have been approved and offer realistic success rates for binary trading. Make sure to check out our list of the Best Binary Robots 2016.

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  • No Software Download Needed
  • 100% Automated
  • $250 Minimum Deposit
  • Founder is Non-Existent
  • Unrealistic ITM Rate – NOT Possible
  • Unreputable Brokers Affiliated With This Software
  • Too Many Customer Complaints
  • No Details How Software Works
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