Is Terabit Trader a Scam?


Check out this review of Terabit Trader.
Is Terabit Trader software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Terabit Trader and get the facts.

When you’re told you can make tens of thousands of dollars a day, you have to ask – is Terabit Trader a scam? And if not, how does Terabit Trader work?

There are literally thousands of bots like this doing the rounds and you can take it from us when we say all ae not of the same high standard. You might not be able to trust most Terabit Trader reviews out there – this is one Terabit Trader review that tells it like it is!

It’s a sad story how people can get discouraged trying to figure out which is the right trading robot to automate trades. When working with a truly outstanding binary trading robot is to stand ever a chance of turning a solid profit. The problem being that most trading bots (by a pretty huge margin) these days are bogus…fraudulent…not to be trusted. Which begs the question – is Terabit Trader a scam or legit? Can the Terabit Trader app really make me a fortune? What makes Terabit Trader software better than every other bot currently up and running?

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Terabit Trader Review

The main thing to look for when consulting Terabit Trader reviews – or any bot reviews for that matter – is what they have to say about honesty and transparency. It’s important to remember that if you decide to go ahead with Terabit Trader, you’ll be entrusting them with both your hard currency and personal data. As such, you need to know it’s a brand you can trust.

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Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that immediately leap off the page when you consider the Terabit Trader website. The very first blurb at the top of the page is more than sufficient to get the idea there’s a Terabit Trader scam going on. It reads as follows: Make $20,000 Per Day (Guaranteed) With This Ground-breaking Optical Data Transmission Trading Software. The founder of the Terabit Trader software – Richard Heffner – claims that the trading results come from the fact the team of traders’ computers communicate with each other. Supposedly all this occurs through optical data transmission technology via an ODT 1 and ODT 2 transfer. It’s explained that these signals “travel almost at the speed of light.” Sounds like fancy jargon, but what’ Heffner is saying is that it’s faster than any Wall Street information transfer.

The answer to if Terabit Trader is a scam or not?…Well, you’ll have to read to find out all we found out about Terabit Trader!

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Is Terabit Trader Software a Scam?

Now, there are three immediate problems with this – each of which tells you that Terabit Trader software is leading down a dark path. First of all, there isn’t a high-end trading bot on the face of the Earth that can offer returns anywhere near $20,000 per day. It’s simply impossible, not going to happen and 100% fabricated – a lie. Secondly, to use the word ‘guaranteed’ really does smack of a Terabit Trader scam, given the way in which NOTHING is ever guaranteed when it comes to trading. Risk is part and parcel of the trading process…something that happens to be outlined somewhere else on the Terabit Trader website. So in one breath they tell you it’s guaranteed, in the next they say it’s not.

Thirdly, there’s the way in which they try to make out that the secret behind their Terabit Trader software lies in its “blistering transfer rate of 1.125 terabits per second”. Impressive enough, aside from the fact that speed has got absolutely nothing to do with accuracy rates when it comes to binary trading. Instead, the Terabit Trader team has simply listed this apparent accolade as a means by which to confuse newcomers with no idea what matters and what doesn’t. Blinded by promises of $20k per day, it’s easy to fall into the trap.

If you choose to invest your money here, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get anything in return. We advise you to stay far away from the Terabit Trader system unless you enjoy losing money. And for this reason, we will not include the Terabit Trader in our list of trusted binary options robots.

Does Terabit Trader Actually Work?

Move just a little further down the page and you’ll find out a little more about Terabit Trader, in terms of what they can offer. Here, there’s to highly appealing claim that after getting started, “Our software uses cutting edge methods to LEGALLY and ETHICALLY beat the markets to CONSISTENTLY make at least $850 daily.” Wait a minute…didn’t they promise $20,000 per day a little bit earlier? Using the word “guaranteed”? Interesting – that’s $19,000 per day they’ve already shaved off their promise – something that could very well point to a Terabit Trader fraudulent system.

Meanwhile, there’s a short explanation below that attempts to explain exactly how Terabit Trader works. Sadly, it’s more information about Terabit Trader that points to something rather odd going on behind the scenes. The reason being that they claim their system “makes it mathematically impossible to lose even a single trade.” Suffice to say, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what they’re claiming here is 100% impossible. No bot or trader in the world will ever be able to rightfully claim a 100% success rate – fundamental untruths that further build evidence of a Terabit Trader fraudulent system.

EXPERT ADVICE:  It’s worth mentioning that a free trading software cannot reach a high accuracy rate of over 90%. The market just won’t let it be due to its nature of ups and downs. The majority of average trading systems offer approximately 83% to 88% at most. There are only a few excellent auto trading systems that have reached top performance, and Terabit Trader software is NOT one of them.

And if all this wasn’t enough, scan just one line further, and you’ll find the claim that “Terabit Trader deploys cutting edge methods to make at least $850 per hour.” So, that’s $20,000 per day, then $850 per day, then $850 per hour. If they can’t make their own minds up about what their Terabit Trader software can do…well, you can probably work out the rest!

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Should You Trust the Terabit Trader Project?

It’s hugely disappointing, but a fact nonetheless to say that almost everything that appears on the Terabit Trader website is misleading. On top of all of the above, there’re the seemingly reassuring comments from both Jack Bogle and CNN’s Jack Pallister, apparently sharing their own positive Terabit Trader reviews. The only problem being that if you actually look into these, you’ll find that neither of them ever happened. Our reviews are based on facts and hard evidence only – these high-profile Terabit Trader reviews and recommendations simply do not exist.


Rounding things off at the bottom, there’s a handful of 100% scam Terabit Trader reviews supposedly submitted by customers that don’t exist. And bringing things to a close, there’s a short FAQ section which is rather too badly-written to have come from a team of true professionals. “Would I be charge to use TeraBit Trader?” and “How do I get started with me free TeraBit Trader Free Account?” hardly inspire confidence. There are no contact details listed, the ‘Contact Us’ link doesn’t work and neither do any of the social buttons. You might have noticed that we failed to mention the content of the video itself – the reason being that it’s probably worth taking into account all of these findings before watching it.

The Final Verdict

riskAbout Terabit Trader – is it a scam? We ourselves haven’t been involved in a Terabit Trader hoax or scam system because we recognize suspicious binary trading robots ahead of time. The Terabit Trader system fell into our radar as a possible dangerous scheme, therefore we cannot state outright if Terabit Trader is real or scam. Instead, we base our reports of factual findings, honest Terabit Trader reviews from real customers and our own experience. And the simple fact of the matter is that the primary Terabit Trader homepage itself is absolutely exploding with discrepancies that cannot be explained.

Before considering a Terabit Trader sign up since there is much evidence pointing to a lurking scam, you might want to consider the market’s leading trading bots that have earned a stellar reputation for performance. The only thing we can tell you for sure in terms of how Terabit Trader works is that you’re not going to earn $20,000 a day. Something they make clearly themselves by switching this to $850 a few sentences later. We’d love to get in touch for clarification of all this, but there are absolutely no contact details provided at all. Chances are, you’ll also find most other honest Terabit Trader reviews pointing out exactly the same discrepancies.

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  • The Prospect of Earning $20k/Day is Appealing
  • Well-Edited And Produced Video
  • Ridiculously OTT promises
  • Massively Contradictory Information
  • Talk of 100% Success Rates – Impossible
  • Fake Reviews And Fraudulent Recommendations
  • No Contact Details or Company Information
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