Is The Trader App a Scam?


Check out this review of The Trader App.
Is The Trader App software a scam?
Read this revealing review of The Trader App and get the facts.

Is The Trader App just another deceptive scam? Or is it a good strategy for binary options trading? There’s much buzz around The Trader by Brian Wren being another scam system on the loose. Get the facts and evidence straight from our experts in The Trader Review. If you have your doubts, you’re right to resist joining The Trader App.

The hype around binary options trading has many people on the search for a trading robot to enhance their strategy. Nowadays, newbies and pros are using a workaround for learning trading techniques and are opting for automated trading systems to maximize their profits. A high-quality trading robot is smart, quick and easy-to-use regardless of experience; hence, they’re growing demand. With every good product, there is a competitor following right behind. In this case, what are tailing good trading systems are scam software just wanting a piece of the pie.

Binary options is a fast-growing online investment solution that can really help anyone amp up their income. The only problem many occur is finding the right auto-trader to begin properly. Word of advice: Do not just use any software online without doing research. If you’re looking for the safest way to make more money with the support of a binary options robot – unfortunately, The Trader software may disappoint your profit making abilities.

SCAM RESULTS: There’s nothing worse than getting being a victim of a binary scam. The Trader App makes promises of a 90% success rate, which is unheard of in the industry. Not to mention, that it claims you can make $8K just by working only 5 minutes a day. All of these are not possible given the current market circumstances. Additionally, we were unable to find real customers who used The Trader App and actually experienced success. These are just a few details why we cannot recommend The Trader App as a safe binary robot. The remaining shocking evidence about its poor performance is in this review.

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The Trader App Review

The Trader App software is one of the newest binary options systems to be released on the web. The founder and CEO, Brian Wren, claims you only need to dedicate 5 minutes per day to make $8,000 every week. Some traders might find this over the top, and they have every right to think so since this sounds a bit out of proportion. Nonetheless, The Trader software uses algorithms to interpret the market data it collects to forecast the trading conditions. It’s so accurate that 90% of the time its right – or so Mr. Wren says. You are told that The Trader provides real-time trade signals and is 90% accurate when it trades for you. Regardless if you are new to trading or a well-seasoned pro, the founder claims The Trader is ideal for everyone. Well, this sounds all nice and great, but is The Trader App the real deal?

the trader app reviw scam Brian Wren

With all the intrigue going on about The Trader software, we took a deeper dive into this so-called money-making miracle. So, how does The Trader work? Should you expect big monetary gains? Who is Brian Wren? These are all questions our experts are going to address in this review and conclude if The Trader is a scam or not.

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Does The Trader App Really Work?

Landing on the website, you will meet the founder Brian Wren in the presentation video. He goes on a long talk about being scammed by other 30 or so trading systems on the market and claims that his creation is the best software yet. Hence how he made his millions (or so he says). However, other reviews are saying that Brian’s millions have been made by stealing deposit money when website visitors sign up on This may be true, but one thing appears for sure – The Trader App does not perform at a 90% accuracy. Not only The Trader App, but other scam software claiming such outrageous success ratios. Thus, be careful. For those who don’t know, a real trading robot offers between an 83% and 88% win-rate. Anything above these mentioned rates, is not to be believed.

So, is The Trader App created to win you trades? Just basing it off of the founder’s statements, The Trader App is a combination of 32 different trading robots and algorithms in which trades will only be placed if 20 out of the 32 algorithms predicts the same trade. Supposedly, he merged every type of binary trading algorithm on the market into The Trader App. Sounds impressive?

As interesting as this story sounds, our team is highly doubtful regarding Brian’s explanation of how he combined all 32 previous scam trading robots that lost his money. How can you trust it works since he claims these 32 systems were previous scams?! Call us crazy, but this doesn’t make an ounce of sense.

So, if you combine 32 different scam auto-traders into one software, what do you get? A legit robot?! Absolutely not. The Trader App might be free, but if it’s composed of another binary scam software, then you’ll probably never see your money again.

The Trader App – Scam or Not?

If we consider the fact that The Trader App software is built on a combination of previous auto-traders that stole the founder’s money, it’s very likely it will empty your pockets too. This may sound harsh, but the founder said it himself in the presentation video. It seems rather contradictive but nonetheless he explained it as such.

When looking into Brian Wren’s profile, there appear to be no details available about him. There are not social media profiles or details about this man. In today’s era, it should be easy to find out about a self-proclaimed expert trader since he would be a familiar figure on the web. But, it appears that Brian Wren is not the rightful owner of this suspicious trading software.

the trader app

Going down the line of more shocking evidence, the published testimonials appear fabricated. The photos and comments used have probably been randomly pulled off other scam websites since many use the same Fiverr actors and stock photos. It’s a very common tactic in fraud systems to post tons of reviews that don’t have any credibility to try to convince you they’re legit. No links are being directed to real people or actual customer reviews outside the website, so we have our apprehensions.

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The Trader App – Is The Free $500 a Trap?

Something that really didn’t sit right with our experts is when you go to leave the page. So you’re about to exit the tab window and you are presented a pop-up to receive free $500 cash. You are not told how you are to receive this amount. If you’ve ever opened an account with a binary broker, this pop-up window probably strikes you as a bonus. Even if it is a bonus, Brian is NOT a broker thus, has nothing to do with bonuses.

If The Trader App is a legitimate software and their 30-day trial is real, then the chosen broker would credit your account with the $500 bonus, and you could do real market trading with this money. This offer is none as no-deposit bonus trading and is a usual incentive to try the software without using your real cash. Well, it’s not the case with The Trader App software so refrain from falling for this bogus bonus.

With all that being said, you should be hesitant to trust your money with a trading software that appears to sell you lies and tries to trick you into free money. On a positive note, there a few working and profit generating software that have been approved and are gaining much popularity in the industry.

The Final Conclusion

riskIt seems as though The Trader App is no the perfect solution to optimize trades based on the evidence and proof we’ve uncovered. The fact The Trader app is a combination of 32 trading robots/algorithms that stole the founder’s money does not gain our trust. Brian Wren even states it himself, which makes his creation very controversial. The whole concept seems contradictive to the fact he supposedly created this trading solution to help traders succeed – not lose money. Then why did he use the trading robots that scammed him? This is a mind-blowing question if you ask us.

We can’t warn fellow traders enough that a 90% success rate is not possible. It’s not possible with The Trader App software or any trading system making similar claims. Even more so, there is no way in the world you could generate $8,000 with the Trader App based on the algorithms it uses from scam auto-traders. This should be an obvious fact. Additionally, the published testimonials and website reviews just appear as false endorsements with no credibility being linked to real users on the platform. Not to mention, the free $500 cash bonus does not strike us a legit incentive since the founder is neither a broker nor provides information where this cash is coming from.

At the end of the day even though The Trader App might not find the right solution, there’s no need to get discouraged. There are genuine trading software if you want to make consistent profits and we’ve compiled the best binary options robots on the market.

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