Is Zero Loss Formula a Scam?


Check out this review of Zero Loss Formula.
Is Zero Loss Formula software a scam?
Read this revealing review of Zero Loss Formula and get the facts.

Can the Zero Loss Formula Method make you $1,125,630 in a month? Or is it a scam selling you a far-fetched dream? Many times naïve traders fall for attractive profit incentives because they don’t recognize the traps scam binary systems set up.

Who doesn’t want to achieve financial freedom? We all do, but if you think the Zero Loss Formula system can help you reach your goal of success – you may have another thing coming.

For more than a decade, binary options trading has helped many individuals from all walks of life generate additional income. New technological innovations such as automated trading tools have attributed to helping everyday people get started in online investing. However, it’s worth mentioning that maybe you won’t make millions overnight, but a few thousand dollars extra in your pocket is possible. Of course, using a reliable trading robot will help you get a quicker start in trading binary options and ease the learning curve. It’s still encouraged that you learn about the markets to reach higher profits, but you can still earn a nice income with the help of high-quality trading systems.

BUT are there binary trading robots that are bullet-proof or 100% accurate? Currently, there aren’t any trading systems that are accurate 10 out of 10 times, so don’t believe systems that promise you that! And it appears that the Zero Loss Formula method is no exception.

What do our scam investigation results show? After careful review of the Zero Loss Formula system, we have uncovered that the promised success ratio is unrealistic. There is no proof of any real user generating a million dollars in a week or any genuine review providing positive feedback about its trading results. The Zero Loss Formula has only been around since August 2016, and it’s nearly impossible for such a new system to be fool-proof. Our trading experiment shows that it’s the perfect tool for LOSING your investment. The details of the Zero Loss Formula trading results are in this scam review. So it’s a good idea to keep your wallets closed.

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Zero Loss Formula Review

The Zero Loss Formula system is designed by a man called Peter Morgan. His is the founder and CEO of the Zero Loss Formula method in which he claims can make you a millionaire by next week. Supposedly, the software claims that it minimizes all risks and places only profitable trades on your behalf. The founder states that it’s the only system that can generate $3,000 per day without an ounce of work. The Zero Loss Formula website also boldly acclaims that it’s the only binary trading system that is 100% accurate.

zero loss formula scam review

In the 14-minute presentation video, Mr. Paul Morgan demonstrates how he takes a mere $250 and turns it into more than $8,000. How is this possible? That’s a great question.

How does Zero Loss Formula work? Well, after enabling the software on auto-pilot, profits should just pour into your trading account. However, real testing results show a different story. So, is Zero Loss Formula another scam? Read this review to understand why Zero Loss Formula system could be a fraudulent system.

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Is Paul Morgan A Scammer?

Many reviews are questioning the CEO of the Zero Loss Formula’s credibility. Is Paul Morgan a con or is he a real person? The founder or man on the website appears not to have a social media accounts and the uploaded YouTube video has a strange name, “main 2”. Why would a millionaire-making trading solution have such a vague label? It appears to lack professionalism and the fact the CEO is untraceable raises many eyebrows.

What’s even more astonishing is that we found the founder of the Zero Loss Formula system to be the same CEO of another scam called the Hedge Formula Group. But in this instance, he calls himself George Dalio. So is he really Paul Morgan or George Dalio?

Due to the evidence proving inconsistencies and doubting the Zero Loss Formula’s founder reliability, we don’t believe it’s a safe method. And not to mention, a binary trading system that will lead you on the road to financial wealth.

Does the Zero Profit Formula Actually Work (at all)?

Well, according to the website presentation, it’s been around since 2012. Mr. Paul Morgan claims he had recruited 50 beta users back in 2012 to test the system and now they’re millionaires. If you think about it, that’s a pretty large gap between now and 2012 – about 5 years! Why is it coming out now?

After checking the domain’s registration date, we found that was registered on July 2016. So which beta testers were using this system in 2012 when it was non-existent? We were unable to trace real users who became millionaires from back then, nor have we have found any wealthy individuals now.

registration date zero loss formula scam

For your own knowledge, no automated trading software is 100% accurate. Not even the best investment firms on Wall Street can find a trading software that can guarantee them such high investment returns. However, there are effective solutions that have been tested to be 87% successful in trading binary options – and what you should be looking for.

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Zero Loss Formula – Is It a Scam?

Many binary reviews are coming to surface claiming that the Zero Loss Formula app is another bogus system. We are here to condemn or point the finger and tear down any binary trading software, but we offer insight and evidence regarding scam systems. The Zero Loss Formula has only been on the market for a few months and the fact it claims its fool-proof, makes it very questionable. If the Zero Loss Formula is really capable of creating millionaires in a week, why isn’t it on the BBC or CNN news? The YouTube video is publicly accessible for everyone to view, yet we don’t hear about real people generating millions or even thousands of dollars.

Our team of experts put the Zero Loss Formula system to the test to find out the truth. Although we were not shocked to witness that it’s not 100% accurate, we found that its performance was extremely poor. The success rate shows to be 20% after we ran a few trial runs of trading for 5 days. The system does exactly what it says – it automates trades for you. But, the signals were generated at random and we failed to make any profit.

Our team contacted the customer support to find out how the software justifies its accuracy levels. However, no answer was given. We were only told to deposit more money and try again. Not a great answer for anyone losing their hard-earned money and we can only imagine how real users feel when they see their accounts empty out.

Further researching the matter, we found mostly negative reviews of people claiming that it ate up their deposit of $250 in minutes. After this experience, we cannot recommend fellow traders to trust Zero Loss Formula. However, we can advise better profit-amplifying tools that we have tested and have achieved optimal results.

The Final Conclusion

riskAlthough it may be too soon to say that the Zero Loss Formula method is a complete scam, there seems to be shady business going on behind the program. After thoroughly analyzing the website, we found no proper information or details explaining how Zero Loss Formula is so accurate. The CEO and founder appear to be a con artist, as he has been found promoting another so-called scam, The Hedge Formula Group.

There is also not enough proof to say that Zero Loss Formula is a safe binary trading robot. Customers have complained losing their deposit in a matter of hours and have been called by the software to deposit more money after losing. Instead of offering assistance, the support team is just pushy (or greedy). Overall, at the end of the day, it seems like the Zero Loss Formula will not make you even a few hundred dollars, let alone millions. If any fellow traders have used the Zero Loss Formula, we are sorry to hear about your losses. But, there is no reason to get discouraged as we have a few great automated systems that can help you jumpstart the trading experience and better your strategy in trading.

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  • CEO Part of Another Binary Scam
  • Success Rate is ONLY 20%
  • NO Millionaires Have Been Made
  • Deposit Vanishes in 2 Hours On Auto-Pilot
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